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[PC/NA][Trading, Social][400+ Members!] Automaton Ayrenn's Agents! Our Kiosk is in Wayrest!

Guild Name: Automaton Ayrenn's Agents
Server: PC NA

We are a growing socially active trade guild, welcoming new and experienced players alike! Bank full of stuff? Backpack bursting at the seams? Need somewhere to unload that sweet, sweet loot? We got ya covered. Join us today, your coffers will thank you!

Officer Team:
✨ehornbaker✨(GM) - Guild master and Founder, Telvar Tuesday Lead, Raffles, Auctions, General Admin. Mother of 3 and coffee slave who loves to read in addition to playing video games. Supernatural super fan
🌟Lord Miko™🌟(Co-Lead) - Co-Lead and Founder, Auction Lot Distributor, Discord Bot Master, Loan Program Handler
⛄Kit_KatKitty ⛄(Co-Lead) - Co-Lead, Alchemy bags, General Admin Work, Farmextravaganza Lead. "I'm a complete nerd with interests that range from Google Spreadsheets, DnD, & fandoms like Dr. Who, Critical Role and Star Wars. I also have worked with exotic animals my whole life."
🍕fnkytwn🍕 - Recruitment, General Admin Work, Raffles. Pizza connoisseur & cookie devourer.
🌌DarthSylvus🌌 - Recruitment, General Admin Work, PR, Raffles. 20 year musician, with an affinity for Sci-Fi and Fantasy novels. Owner of a menagerie of animals.
🦇 Sortjuh 🦇 - General Admin Work, Farmextravaganza Lead, Blackreach Mayhem Lead, Discord Auction. "Impostor American: I'm actually 6-8 hours ahead of most of you, but I just never sleep. I own 12 aquariums, speak about 6.5 languages and laugh at my own jokes."
🐈Zeclem 🐈 - General Admin Work, Recruitment, Gold & Glory Lead. Huge LotR, TES & fantasy nerd and master of bad dad jokes. Imported from Turkey into the Netherlands by 🦇 Sortjuh 🦇. Hidden talent: excellent at bleaching hair.
💾flintlock55💾 - Goldmaking & Addon Professor, General Admin Work, Community Liaison. 20 year retired Army Veteran and Father of 3 who loves video games & SciFi. Favorite Star Wars characters are Darth Vader and R2-D2.
🐢 Reten 🐢 - General Admin Work, Recruitment, Guild Farmer
🌙LadyAddrith🌙 - General Admin Work, Recruitment, Guild Farmer. "The crazy pin trading lady who not only collects things in game but real life too. I have three fat cats & one dog who thinks she's a cat"
🐬yeshallnotpass🐬 - General Admin Work, Recruitment, Guild Farmer. I have two dogs who love to get on each others nerves. I am obsessed with Doctor Who and I have seen the new series at least 7 times in the past 4 years.

Weekly Requirements:
100k in contributions. This can be in any combination of Sales, raffle tickets, donations & loan program. You can also participate in Farmextravaganza, Mat-tastic raffle, or win any auction lot. All of these automatically meet requirements.
How we calculate ranks can be confusing to some, but the main thing members need to know is that sales are counted once, loans are counted at 50% and everything else is multiplied by 10. This means your 10k in raffles tickets would equal a 100k contribution score. Another quick example is: ehornbaker made 50k in sales and bought 5k in raffle tickets. 5k*10=50k. Therefore 50k sales + 50k= 100k score.
Ranks are calculated according to the Tuesday-Tuesday trader week.
Dues can be paid in advance via in game mail with the heading of BULK to ehornbaker. 2 week minimum (20k)
7 day inactivity period. Contact an officer if you are going on vacation and do not want to be kicked for inactivity.


Squire: Probationary Rank. One week to meet the prior and current weeks requirements before removal from the guild.

Oathman: 100k-399k contribution score. Bank access unlocked

Kinsman: 400k-749k contribution score. Perks include bank access and 5k in raffle tickets weekly

Lawman: 750k+ contribution score. Perks include bank access, 10k in weekly raffle tickets, and a 20k weekly auction voucher.

Bancair: 7m+ in sales monthly. Permanent rank for 30 days. Increased inactivity period of 14 days. Special discord rank. Entry into the special Raz's Rewards raffle. All the benefits of the lower ranks


Look for us on the guild finder or contact us in-game @ mikotack or @ ehornbaker, or join our discord for more info:
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