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Moon Sugar Meadow - Temple of Alkosh [PC/NA House Showcase]

Good Day Folks!

I recently finished my Moon Sugar Meadow house, and I had a blast making this. It is one of my top favorite builds I have ever made, and I love how it turned out in the end, especially the ceiling inside the temple! The idea I'm going with is a Khajiiti temple, the Temple of Alkosh. It hosts all available divinity in the Elder Scrolls Online game. The Aedra are on the ground floor, and the Daedra are on the upper second floor. Because Azura plays a big role in Khajiit mythology, and most of my houses have a special homage to Azura, she takes the center stage during your entrance in the courtyard. Inside, there are various lore books dedicated to each of the Aedra and Daedra, for anyone wanting to learn more. Because some of the statues for certain gods do not exist yet, I tried to be creative with a existing ones.

If you are on PC NA and want to visit in person, I hosted my house via EHT through the Open Community Houses.

Here is a video link on Youtube :smile:

Hope you guys enjoy!
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