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Searching for info on House Ra'Athim at the time of the Three Banners Wars.

I have not found any info on House Ra'Athim at this time. Apart from being based in Ebonheart. ... However Ebonheart is governed by House Dres in the game.

I found info for First Era and Third Era but nothing for the Second Era
The infamous arcane explosion in the Imperial City that happened in the Spring of 2e579 — a night of storms, and trembling terrain — as related by the Chorrol Crier, mentioned by Chancellor Abnur Tharn in his "Eulogy for Emperor Varen" and explained by Lyris of Skyrim in the first volume of her "Chronicles of the Five Companions", and others, I am sure. The “Soulburst” happened at the same time as a big piece of Aetherius fell to Nirn. Coincidence? It was the first major piece of Aetherius to fall in five hundred years.

Then I met the Prophet on 4 Rain's Hand 2e582.

AD - Aradne Oakblossom - Female Bosmer - Stamina Warden
AD - Hirtyaren Grayare - Male Altmer - Magicka Necromancer
AD - Luvinus Sextal (renamed Calvistes Hasana) - Rogue Male Imperial - Stamina Warden
AD - Ma'atharr-do - Male Khajiit - Stamina Nightblade
AD - Urnsyla Aboragia — Female Altmer — Dragonknight
DC - Emnicey Mhejin - Male Yokudan - Stamina Warden
DC - Nelrie Margaux - Female Breton - Magicka Sorcerer
DC - Sheraz Logash - Female Orsimer - Stamina Dragonknight
EP - Frideka Rockbreaker - Female Nord - Stamina Templar
EP - Marzheel Lafmesh - Female Saxhleel - Stamina Dragonknight Shadowscale
EP - Rinris of House Ra'Athim - Male Dunmer - Stamina Nightblade
  • VaranisArano
    There seems to be a gap in time between them splitting up into the Mournhold and Ebonheart branches between the twins, and then when we pick up again in the early 3rd Era with Barenziah from the Mournhold branch and Katariah from the Ebonheart branch. Both of them are born into powerful families, so while we don't meet any Ra'Athim in ESO so far that we know of, it seems like that the family branches remain powerful and influential in Ebonheart and Mournhold.

    The only direct connection, however slight, that I can think of is that House Hlaalu does have some presence in ESO's Ebonheart, and Ra'Athim's parent House Mora is supposed to be aligned with Hlaalu.
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