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About Warden “Animal Companions” and “Green Balance”

Possibly a dumb question.

But the description of Wardens is that they are “Master Storytellers whose tales become magical reality.”

So Warden Animal Companion skills...besides the Bear, the other skills aren’t actual literal animals, but rather Magic that takes the shape of animals?

Same with the Green Balance flowery heals?
  • ealdwin
    Yes. The theory behind the classes is that they practice different disciplines of magic in a time before the formalization of the schools of magic in the Mages Guild. In the early days of the game, all class skills cost magic to use, reflecting this idea. Over time that reflection has become less so with the introduction of stamina-cost morphs, but the theory still largely holds true. Just like Templars aren't actually wielding spears, but rather magic in the shape of a spear, Wardens aren't actually summoning animals but rather casting magic in the shape of animals.
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