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Game not working

Soul Shriven
I've re-downloaded the game after a break, but I cannot play, please help. Thank you.
Edited by ZOS_Bill on March 28, 2021 6:44PM
"Witcher Niralt"
  • essi2
    Usually you just have to try until it works.

    If it doesn't login after a few tries, try repairing the game install from the launcher.
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  • radudraq93
    Soul Shriven
    This feels really weird to repair the game after I just freshly installed it, still same thing
    "Witcher Niralt"
  • jircris11
    Run a file repair. Might also be firewall or anti virus blocking it randomly. Mine does it from time to time.
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  • ZOS_Bill
    The "Unexpected Internal Error has occurred" can occur if you have a faulty file in your game.

    If logging out and restarting the game does not resolve the issue, you can follow the troubleshooting steps below:

    Check ESO Service Alerts

    Verify the servers are not undergoing scheduled maintenance here. If the ESO server or platform is undergoing maintenance or experiencing an outage, you will not be able to connect until it is resolved.

    Close and Restart ESO and the Launcher

    Completely close out and restart The Elder Scrolls Online game and the ESO Launcher and try again.

    Switch Between Megaservers

    If you continue to receive the "Unexpected error" message, you can try changing your Megaserver.
    To do this, navigate to the in-game login screen by launching The Elder Scrolls Online from the ESO Launcher. At the login screen, select Server (underneath the Play button), select the server you wish to connect to (NA or EU), and then select Accept. It may take several minutes for your server selection to update. After choosing your server, wait until the Announcements reflects your selection before logging into the game.

    Repair your Launcher

    Rename the "ProgramData" folder to "ProgramDataBackup" located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Zenimax Online\Launcher\ and repair your launcher. Open your Launcher and Go to "Game Options" and select "Repair"
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