XP Rates for Master Writs, Daily Random Dungeons, Skyreach Runs, and their Times

Hey everyone, I figured I would share some of my insights regarding XP farming since much of the data I sought after was not available and I had to calculate it myself. This isn't some end all be all guide for XP farming, but instead to be a useful reference for how you choose to farm out your xp.

Master Writs: Roughly 18k xp per master writ. Can complete up to 7 simultaneously with access to complete guild crafting hall. With crafting addons, it takes 5 minutes to complete a set of 7, resulting in 126,000 xp.

Daily Dungeon bonus is worth 101k, with an average of 30k xp accumulated by progressing through the dungeon. Average time for a low tier dungeon is 7 minutes, a mid tier dungeon is 10 minutes, and a dlc dungeon is 20+ minutes. I advise vote-kick resetting a group whenever you get a dlc dungeon for the random normal unless you specifically need gear from there.

Skyreach nets 60k xp per run, taking just shy of 4 minutes to complete. This method is on par time wise with doing the daily dungeon so long as you do not do the dlc dungeons, however it does not gain you anything useful like doing a daily dungeon will (transmutes, skill points, gear).

Note that Aetherial ambrosias are actually only about 25k at the time of this post, and using the Connoisseur passive from provisioning on top of the Rationer CP makes the otherwise 30 minute xp buff instead last 100 minutes, 3 times as long.

I do writs on many of my toons, but they are all "fake tank dps" ready. I have all their passives/CP allocated to maximize the use of the Aetherial Ambrosias and do my writs, then immediately queue for a random dungeon. A single AA is worth about 8 daily dungeons, with the rest of the time doing the daily writs. With 10 characters using this method, it will take 161 days to go from 810 CP to 1800 CP, while generating 16,100 transmute stones for gearing out characters.

I will update this post with information as people provide it.
  • Mr_Arce88
    Conneseur and Rationer only gives you 20m and 30min (80min total). How did you prolonged it to 100min?
  • VoidCommander
    Mr_Arce88 wrote: »
    Conneseur and Rationer only gives you 20m and 30min (80min total). How did you prolonged it to 100min?

    This is actually a very good question. My main character with 39k achievement points and every skillpoint to boot somehow gets 100 minutes (+20 minute bonus compared to my alts) for the duration of the aetherial ambrosias. I honestly have NO IDEA where the extra 20 minutes is coming from, and if anyone has an idea where it is coming from, please let me know so I can do the same thing for my other toons.
  • Hotdog_23
    Nord maybe?

    Reveler passive Increases your experience gain with the Two Handed skill line by 15%. Increases the duration of any consumed drink by 15 minutes.

    Stay strong and safe :)
  • vesselwiththepestle
    It is worth mentioning, that you can craft items for master writs before you take on the quest. So if you want to use a xp scroll or potion, you want to prepare as many master writs as you can, position yourself in front of the quest npc and only then throw in the xp scroll/pot and accept those master writs and handing them in. I do that in Mournhold, where you have a very short way to Enchant and Alchemy stations. So you could prepare Woodworking, Blacksmithing, Clothing, and Jewelry writs beforehand as many as you have space in your inventory. Position yourself in front of the NPC. Throw in the scroll/pot and start taking on those master writs, handing them in directly. When you are done, take alchemy/enchant writs from out of your bank, run to the workstation and craft those, hand them in. This is especially effective on PC with crafting addons, of course. The more space in your inventory you have, the more effective it becomes, as you have to port less into those crafting houses...
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  • REiiGN15
    For goodness sake, if you're the leader of the guild or in charge of the decorating of your guild house with crafting tables, please make them alphabetical. I know it might be a pain, but it'll drive guildies insane for a specific set unless you love chaos.
  • Araneae6537
    Don’t do a random dungeon unless you’re prepared to run what you get with some consideration for others! You can queue with a low level character or someone without ESO+ (and no DLCs) if you want a non-DLC random or otherwise queue with a pre-made group that will bail at too long a dungeon.
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