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Antiquities Addon?

Does anyone recommend or have a working Antiquities addon they use or know of that is useful? I wanted to know if there was a addon that showed possible leads in a zone and what is the best way to obtain it. Whether from chests, Bosses, merchants, whatevers. I have asked in game several times and nobody has any idea.


Thank you!
  • phwaap
    Display Leads is the best I've found. Can display leads you've never found, can find, scry, etc. Also gives you the locations.
  • Nestor
    Display Leads is awesome. A must for Antquities.

    Hint, Hotkey it as you will want to pull it up as come into each zone.
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  • Daedric45
    Thank you guys, will check it out!
  • Cireous
    Oh sweet, I didn't know about this. :relaxed:
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