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Official Discussion Thread for "Master Relics of the Wild Elves with Ayleid Crown Crates"

  • VerboseQuips
    So we have Varla-born something, Welkynd-born something, and Culanda-born something...

    I guess it is likely that we'll see a Malondo-born something coming as a gem exclusive some time down the line during this season?
    My characters:
    Main and crafter: A Breton magicka templar named Erwann Sorril
    Alt 1: A Bosmer sorcerer named Tuuneleg
    Alt 2: An Imperial dragonknight named Gaius Tullius Hastifer
    Alt 3: An Argonian vampire/nightblade named Observe-le-Xanmeer
    Alt 4: A Nord werewolf/dragonknight named Sigurd Hurlevent
    Alt 5: A Breton sorcerer named Gilian Sorril (he's Erwann's younger brother)
    Alt 6: A Khajiit nightblade named Jolan-dar
    Alt 7: A Nord warden named Sigurmar Hurlevent (he's Sigurd's younger brother)
    Alt 8: An Altmer templar named Oioriel
    Alt 9: An Argonian stamina Warden named Danse-avec-les-Rainettes
    Alt 10: A Redguard templar named Neemokh af-Corelanya
    Alt 11: A Nord stamina sorcerer named Olga Écoute-Vent
    Alt 12: A Breton magicka Warden named Ian Sorril
    Alt 13: A Dunmer magicka necromancer named Ilmoran Dren
    Alt 14: An Orc stamina necromancer named Norgol gro-Borziel
    Alt 15: A Nord magicka necromancer named Thorgen Givresang
    Alt 16: An Imperial magicka dragonknight named Publius Valeirus Hastifer (Just call him "Valerio" - he's Gaius younger troublemaker of a brother)
    Main in NA (For collaborative events): A Breton magicka nightblade named Titouan Sorril (long-lost brother of Erwann and Gilian)
  • Aptonoth
    I actually don't like any of this like at all. It all looks good for these types of characters but it is the complete opposite of my style. I'm really looking forward to the datamine of the iron attronach crates.
  • colossalvoids
    I actually don't like any of this like at all.

    I'm really looking forward to the datamine of the iron attronach crates.

    Those were pretty much my thoughts also, not sure why but there are zero things I would purchase at all. Theme was appealing but there is no actual content to go along besides mounts and couple of markings which are not that well made either. They had a chance to milk some Oblivion nostalgia but looks like an ultimate failure to me.
  • Araneae6537
    I like the Ayleid style weapons, especially the staff. :) The Ayleid gate really should be a 40 gem item, if it had to be locked behind crates at all! The cosmic effect from a previous season, okay, but a simple gateway should not be so rare/expensive. :confused:

    Is there a crow mask where only half the face is covered (and ideally the hair not hidden either)? I had hoped this mask only covered half the face, rather being a mask on a mask kind of thing.

    One more thing, that grumpy Dunmer shown for the barkeep emote? I need him as a houseguest for my Ashfall Cornerclub! :wink: Also, let us queue emotes for houseguests, please, ZOS! :heart:
    Edited by Araneae6537 on March 19, 2021 7:11PM
  • MissPan3024
    I’ve submitted 4 tickets now. I got a 15 pack of crates and opened 6. Then the game crashed. When I logged back in the stuff I had gotten in a lot of the crates was gone and so were the rest of the unopened crates. No response from eso yet though. Very sad about it because Ayleid is my absolute favorite theme.
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