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XB EU Login Issues

Exactly what the title says. Keep getting an error when trying to log in on XB EU. Managed to get on the NA server without issue, but EU server is just being like "Nah." Frustrating as I want to get my writs done and prep for tomorrow's update.

Anyone else having the same issues?
Edited by ZOS_Bill on March 16, 2021 4:52PM
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  • ZOS_SarahHecker
    Thanks for the info, we're looking into this.
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  • DreadDaedroth
    Same issue for Xbox eu login.
  • Stanx
    Same here, kinda glad it's not just me
  • Seraphayel
    Yeah, ain’t getting in either. 20 minutes ago I could play just fine.
    Xbox Series X (EU)
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  • Tharonil
    I got kicked from server. Now I can't login.
    I will try it again tomorrow. ;-)
  • Dukar_Duck
    Soul Shriven
    There is an issue with Azure logins, which is including Xbox and a lot of other things

    Check the status here:
  • ZOS_Bill
    Yesterday there were a Xbox Live service interruption which led to login issues for many players. This Xbox Live interruption is now resolved.
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