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Addon Trouble!! UI keeps going away (Pic Added)

Part of my Ui keeps going away and I am not able to pull up anything other then to type "/reloadui" to bring it back and each time I use my inventory it happens again.

Any help is awesome!

This is what my screen looks like each time it happens
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  • WiseSky
    addon list please
    Immersive Quests Addon
    Wish to Quest without Quest Way Markers? ''Talk to the Hooded Figure'' Turns into ''Talk to the Hooded Figure, who is feeding the chickens near the southeastern gate in the city of Daggerfall in Glenumbra.'' If you Wish To write bread crumbs clues for quest for other players to experience come join the team!
    List of Immersion Addons
  • RedMuse
    Deactivate all of them, then reactivate them one by one until you get the bug again. That should give you an idea of the culprit.
  • OldManJim
    I had the same issue and I think turning off Item Saver fixed it.
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