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Dear Zen, these are positive suggestions for ESO.

Soul Shriven
These are suggestions that my friends and I have assembled. These were the favored ones and we have 44 of them! Please consider adding at least one of them to your next expansion.

1. Change pause menu animation where you turn 180 degrees, instead take out the turn motion and give the player a slow free aim camera angle at all times through pausing.
2. Add capes even if you need to add a neck attachment for cosmetic purposes.
3. Now that we are this far in the road, introduce hand-to-hand combat.
4. Add different teleport animations for the purpose of individuality.
5. Introduce new dungeon mechanics that require players to have a stamina or magicka builds within the party to fulfill certain objectives like a magic forcefield or budging a boulder out of the way. This is for more in depth mechanics that requires party leaders to be more conscious of their choice in teammates.
6. Make territory towns to conquer, EXAMPLE: Kvatch. This means killable guards, continuous PvP zones outside of Cyrodiil.
7. Allow us to toggle what animation we use while sitting in chairs.
8. Give subscribers creative mode for housing. Perks that allow you to float in the air, monitor all players within the house via the map, and other features could be placed within this creative mode.
10. Furniture Wayshrines.
11. Furniture Dyes, side feature.
12. Add particle effects to staves through the outfit station. Maybe other weapons included.
13. Make leads for antiquities that can only be looted by pickpocketing.
14. Give party leader a light blue crown icon indicator for their map so every party member can see where the group is focusing. This is for more coordination of the party system.
15. No picking up resources while on mounts. (Or make this an option in settings)
16. Renegade status for players that play different characters of different factions. Anyone raising more than one character passed veteran rank in more than one faction per account, they gain renegade status which awards a title and places an icon next to name.
17. Make a passive that reduces fall damage.
18. Have the base quest in every dungeon available for who had completed it prior so that players are always guided through dungeons.
19. Give us a secondary experience bar when playing younger characters so that both level and champion level can gain XP at the same time.
20. Add Vendor assistants so that random people you meet can look at what you have for sale once you summon it. Or place the vendor in your house.
21. Access to Crafting Library, recipes, praxis, etc.
22. If someone chooses to be a necro class and decides to be a vampire, there should be a fusion ultimate of Ravaging form and Lord form. Ravaging Lord Form.
23. Place World Bosses in Cyrodiil.
24. Make more obese NPCs, we barely notice them.
25. Put a crown icon to the left of name of the party leader so everyone in the party including the leader can see they are crowned.
26. Allow memento's that let you choose a wayshrine from your map and summon a portal all party members can use to travel to that wayshrine.
27. Put background abilities for sorcerers to use while slotting a familiar summon ability, this is so the slot has more utility after summon.
28. Let ESO Plus members buy furniture stablemasters for their houses.
29. Place portals behind merchants and bankers for lore friendly entrance.
30. Allow mounts to be pets, then an interaction option to mount said non combat pet.
31. Crown store upgrade: Immediate Champions, level up once and you are at champion level.
32. Give outfit options to bankers and merchants.
33. Make bleeding a visible tag that allows players to know that stacking damage over time is in effect.
34. Give players a secondary emote wheel when approaching other players to interact with them. This would be for handshaking and interaction emotes.
35. Summer sale on bikini and swim trunks outfits.
36. Make a mythic item that increases the overall PROC amount.
37. Give us an overall score of each player after a dungeon, like battlegrounds.
38. Buyable blacksmith NPC like a crown store merchant for repairing.
39. Spend 25 transmute crystals to level cap items.
40. Spend 50 transmute crystals to unbound items from yourself.
41. Magicka version of dodge roll, Magic Slide.
42. Make Legendary crafting tables that allow you to add a secondary trait to equipment.
43. Add a prop slot in the inventory section. This would be for a cape, elder scroll on the back, Amulet of Kings, etc.
44. Allow player accepted modifications.

For the past couple months I had been posting ideas on reddit and I was recommended to the forums. Thank you for reading.
  • WiseSky
    are you on PC or console?
    Immersive Quests Addon
    Wish to Quest without Quest Way Markers? ''Talk to the Hooded Figure'' Turns into ''Talk to the Hooded Figure, who is feeding the chickens near the southeastern gate in the city of Daggerfall in Glenumbra.'' If you Wish To write bread crumbs clues for quest for other players to experience come join the team!
    List of Immersion Addons
  • hafgood
    Yoi don't want much do you? And most of it I see no point for at all. Sorry as lists go there is nothing new here, it's all been discussed before
  • TraegerAD
    Soul Shriven
    I'm on console, PS4 exactly. This is just some suggestions, if Zenimax uses any one of these I would feel grateful.
  • TheImperfect
    Numbers 5 sounds like it will make grouping harder and what about pugs. I don't like the idea.
    Number 6, no, just not keen
    Number 37, no it will increase toxicity
    Number 44, not sure what this means

    Neutral on most everything else.
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