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Fan of False-Face - You only LOOK small.

ZOS, please update the Fan of False-Face furnishing so the monkey you get transformed into is actually a small render so you can through/under/over areas that only the monkey can fit. I was sorely disappointed to see that your character only looks small, but isn't small. I wanted to use this for an obstacle course and maze in a house... enhancing the mechanic.
  • Mattock_Romulus
    Also, please let us be headless horsemonkey riders
  • Alkapton
    Completely agree, the transform needs to last much longer to make it fun. And a functional monkey that can fit in small spaces would be even more fun. I use the fan in my house but the effect is very disapointing due to the short duration.
  • Lephrel
    I know this thread is really old. But they the fan of false face is such a waste of potential, a longer duration and smaller hitbox for the monkey would make this item amazing.
  • Lephrel
    I think they already did this in a couple of quests. There's one in Coldharbour (probably) where you have to transform into a wisp, so you can fit through an opening.
  • ZOS_Volpe

    As this thread was originally created in 2018 and the information contained within may longer be relevant to the game, we decided to close it down. In many cases, it's better to create a new thread on a topic that you want to discuss as opposed to bumping one that is rather old.

    Thank you for your understanding.
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