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Returning player, Daily pledges & sticker book

Hi everyone, thank for the effort of reading and responding to my question.

Would it be worth it to just fill my inventory with 1-key rewards to fill out my sticker book if I don't necesarily need any special monster sets right now?

I ask this because i don't really know how the sticker book works, i get that i can craft these items later again. But it it character bound?
In my head it's pretty obvious but i just want to make sure that i'm thinking correctly about this.

Thank you!
  • Magdalina
    The sticker book is account-wide. If you have several characters which have bound gear on them, it will 'collect' that gear the first time you log into the character - might take a minute and lag you out some but it's a one-time thing. What sticker book means is that once you've collected a piece of gear (in order to collect a piece of gear you need to either deconstruct it or bind it to yourself - dungeon gear binds automatically once the group-trade timer expires, open world you'd have to equip) you can re-create it later. So it won't magically acquire you some gear you've never found but if, say, you found a Divines Sash of Medusa that you don't currently need, you can now safely deconstruct it without wondering what if ZOS makes it BiS next patch and you're gonna regret not putting it in your bank. You reconstruct items at transmutation stations and it costs transmutation crystals. The more pieces of a set you have collected, the lower the cost, down from I think 76 crystals to 24 or so.

    Dungeon sets reconstruct at purple quality as base, open world at blue iirc, you can choose any trait you like.

    I'm not entirely sure you mean by 1-key rewards there though.
  • thomasadinkerke
    Magdalina wrote: »

    I'm not entirely sure you mean by 1-key rewards there though.

    Thank you for responding,

    With the 1-key rewards i mean the daily pledges that you can do for keys which in term will give you the option to get the 5-key specific monster set drops or a random set for 1 key.
  • AcadianPaladin
    Your idea is reasonable if you have lots of keys. Some considerations:

    - New monster sets periodically get release so you may want to save some batches of 5 keys to try for those.
    - Check with the Golden Vendor in Cyrodiil each weekend, as she often has monster helms for sale.
    - Consider which key vendor you buy from. If you already have plenty of shoulders unlocked from, say, Maj's dungeons, you may want to consider Redbeard or the Orc woman. The Orc woman focuses on DLC dungeons.
    PC NA(no Steam), PvE, mostly solo
  • etchedpixels
    If you are really bored you can do the maths and work out the number of shoulders you need to have before 5 keys is worth it if you just want to collect the set.

    I've been spending 1 key regularly when I get over about 60 keys to populate my sticker book. Seems to work well.

    It's also worth targeting some of the sets if you use them for levelling. Once you get a low level toon into reconstructed gear in a set you know all of you can reconstruct their armour every few levels as they level up and at no cost. Even if you know almost but not quite all it's pretty cheap to do this.

    Too many toons not enough time
  • El_Borracho
    Unless you are a completionist, I would not do this. Outside of a handful of builds, getting a shoulder piece without the corresponding helmet is useless. Also, you might get a shoulder of something you like but then realize its hard as heck to get the helmet, like Maarselok.

    However, this does work very well if you want a specific piece in a specific weight. For instance, a medium Selenes's in divines. Used to be spend a ton of keys and rely on RNG for the right weight and trait, or use 50 transmutes. But if you have all 6 pieces, its now get the weight you want, then reconstruct for 25 (if you have all 6 pieces). Much better.
  • fred4
    I have 7 characters. If you're like me you'll use a fair cross-section of monster sets in the long run. Buying the 1-key loot boxes is IMO the thing to do until they stop yielding good results, e.g. they no longer yield a new shoulder for, say, every 5 keys used. You can very quickly deplete your inventory of keys, if you're buying the 5-key boxes. That's fine if you're sure that's the only monster set you'll ever use, but with patch / meta changes every 3 months, how can you be sure of that? With multiple characters you probably also want a variety of monster sets too.
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