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UI Error log pop up when trying to change Settings > Addons

ANYTHING I try to change in ANY of the addons result in this UI Error Popup (img attached). I'm just trying to get inventory to sort by set, other have helped but we cant figure out what's going on here. I have screenshots of my add-ons, Libs and these error popups, if someone is so inclined and generous enough to help out... perhaps a live chat and/or screen share and walk through? It kinda seems like AutoCategory needs an update or something but it is working fine for others so something else is going on here. I tried reinstalling AutoCategory but it didnt help

user:/AddOns/AutoCategory/Libs/LibAddonMenu-2.0/LibAddonMenu-2.0.lua:147: attempt to index a nil value
stack traceback:
user:/AddOns/AutoCategory/Libs/LibAddonMenu-2.0/LibAddonMenu-2.0.lua:147: in function 'RefreshReloadUIButton'
user:/AddOns/AutoCategory/Libs/LibAddonMenu-2.0/LibAddonMenu-2.0.lua:157: in function 'RequestRefreshIfNeeded'
|caaaaaa<Locals> control = ud, panel = ud, panelData = [table:1]{displayName = "AdvancedFilters", slashCommand = "/afs", website = "", feedback = "", type = "panel", author = "ingeniousclown, Randactyl, Bae...", name = "AdvancedFilters", donation = "", version = "", registerForDefaults = T, registerForRefresh = T} </Locals>|r
user:/AddOns/AutoCategory/Libs/LibAddonMenu-2.0/controls/checkbox.lua:65: in function 'UpdateValue'
|caaaaaa<Locals> control = ud, forceDefault = F, value = T </Locals>|r
user:/AddOns/AutoCategory/Libs/LibAddonMenu-2.0/controls/checkbox.lua:111: in function '(anonymous)'
|caaaaaa<Locals> control = ud </Locals>|r
  • BrokenChef
    Typing /ac gives a different error...

    The other error comes up when trying to change anything in the Settings > Addons

    here is the error when typing /ac in chat
  • Fennwitty
    If nobody else reports an error with that addon, it's likely you have a different addon causing a conflict or somehow the addon itself got messed up on your computer. You can try deleting it and reinstalling, otherwise disable other addons and try until you stop getting the error.

    EDIT: Always make backups before modifying addon files.

    EDIT 2: And I see you reinstalled, not sure if you made sure the files were gone entirely or not before installing.
    Edited by Fennwitty on February 24, 2021 10:59PM
    PC NA
  • DigiAngel
    I would get those a lot with aui + harvestmap. I'd remove all addons besides AUI (make sure it's the latest with latest libs) and see if you get them. If you have a lot of addons, then copy one over, and try again...repeat until you find the culprit.
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