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@ZOS are you looking into master writ rewards?

A lot of writs are not worth doing, the materials cost more than the sale price of the writ vendor item at the guild traders.
  • The best solution would be a flexible reward system that takes prices into account would be best, but probably too much effort to implement.
  • An intermediate solution would be a vendor that sells a limited amount of tempers per day at a fixed price to certified crafters only.
To fix the situation in the short term you could increase rewards by a fixed amount and remove useless writs entirely.
  • Jewelry writs have been useless for a year now, they're an instant decon --> remove them from the game
  • Gold clothing writs --> 100% increase in writ rewards
  • Purple clothing --> 50% increase
  • Gold woodworking --> 50% increase
  • Purple woodworking -->25% increase
Doing daily writs for the reward is part of the grind for a MMO, but they should feel more rewarding than master writs do at the moment because so many of them are just decon material.
  • Hotdog_23
    The gold woodworking is undervalued for sure. The purple jewelry writs are ok I think just need a little love. The purple clothing, blacksmithing and woodworking and most blue jewelry writs are just decon fodder.

    Think it would be nice if the purple blacksmithing, clothing and woodworking would be valued the same as blue jewelry writs they would be worth doing and double the blue jewelry writs would help them a lot.

    Give the blacksmithing, clothing and woodworking a 50% boost in value.

    Make the purple jewelry around 250-300 or half the value of the gold ones.

    Stay safe :)
  • goldenarcher1
    Lots of grinding coming in next patch with the new CP system,so likely some of the less desirable writs will be used as xp scrolls.
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