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Daily Crafting Writ Questions

So to begin this I want to say I do play on console and that the writs I do usually are completed on my phone via Play Station remote play app, I have a lot of downtime at work.

My main question is are doing the daily writs on console even worth it, and if so is it worth it on 18 characters? For the most part I only have points invested on a few characters, most the ones I play on a regular basis as it is easy to run and do the writs while I am waiting for my trials group to form or something like that. Outside of those maybe three characters I usually have nothing invested in the crafting skill lines and very rarely do writs on them, most of my characters are actually sitting at below level 10 in the crafting trees. So, with this background knowledge is it worth doing the writs on multiple characters, even ones that are not fully levelled in the crafting skill lines?

My next question is about the master writs and if they are worth doing? I am saving the enchanting and alchemy ones as I may use them to power level when the new DLC launches, but the equipment ones tend to sit in a storage box and never get done. There isn't anything I really need from the writ merchant since I have all the storage boxes and I do not do housing stuff, so is it better to just sell the master writs or to do the writs and sell the writ voucher items instead?
  • RedMuse
    Daily writs:

    -Nets you close to 5k per character per day at max character level just by doing them and turning them in. That quickly becomes a nice, steady income if you do them one several characters.

    -Every box you get gives you some mats and a chance at gold mats, which increases the higher the rank in that profession is. Which can give you a lot more gold on selling them than just doing the writs. So if you have the time it would be a good idea to farm enough skyshards to max them if you can be bothered.

    Master writs:

    -Good and easy xp from enchant and alchemy.

    -You can I believe sell the furnishing recipes at a guild trader and I don't think they're bound. Still might be more of a time and effort investment than you'll be comfortable with if you're only a casual crafter.
  • Nestor
    Writs are a good way to earn gold. If you invest points in hirelings, the material return is more than what you use to do the writs. Except maybe cloth writs.

    Master Writs are good for getting crafting stations. But if you are in a decent guild, you should have access to a house that has all the set stations.

    Besides, doing writs is so much better than watching Tick Tocks.....
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