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Cyridiil & Imp city

I know my get crap for this but [snip] it.

Any chance other nonpvp players would be interested in banding together and trying to clear these zones? I am not in a guild nor to i want to be in a guild and have only done maps or fishing in them. the most pvp i do is repair AD forts, lol i know thats sad.

I kinda wish there was an option to turn these zones into pve so that they can be cleared. I mainly solo casual play. I do like the fact that they are pvp and wish that maybe just once it could be like a regular zone maybe like an event or something like that. I know you pvpr's may not agree and that there are a few that have solo cleared or attempted to solo clear them. I did what I could in both areas but still get the [snip] beat outta me lol.

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  • depravity_influence
    Is this even possible? we would probably kill each other with friendly fire lol. or ambushed wow style
  • GreenHere
    The crafting section of the forums is an odd choice for this post, but...

    Your best bet would probably be to hop into /zone chat in some populated area and throw together a group of randoms on the spot, if you're not looking to join groups/guilds that organize via the forums/reddit/whatever.

    I have had success in the past with posts like, "I'm not really looking to PvP, but I got business to handle in IC. Anyone wanna come goof around with me for a while? Capture a few districts, wander around in the sewers some? If we get enough people, we'll do the Bathroom Centrala thing in the center! No mics/discord, just casual-ing it up. Drop a QQ in chat!" or whatever. You know, just something that makes it clear what people are signing up for, and what you expect (or don't expect) from them.

    50% of the time, it works every time!
  • VaranisArano
    If you can get a group together of likeminded players, running the Cyrodiil quests and Imperial City districts can be a lot of fun. Usually its easier with guildmates, in my experience, but you might have some luck in zone chat or if you have friends who have interested guildmates.
    Is this even possible? we would probably kill each other with friendly fire lol. or ambushed wow style

    You'd all have to be members of the same alliance to group up and work together in Cyrodiil and IC.
  • katanagirl1
    The Midyear Mayhem event is over, so the population of PvP zones has gone down significantly.

    You can do the IC questline, get IC skyshards and clear all Cyrodiil delves and (if you’re lucky) get all Cyro skyshards on a no cp campaign. Pick the one with the fewest players on, preferably during off hours but not required.

    All of these can be done solo on a mediocre PvE build, I am proof of that, lol!

    I have a PvP toon now but really a PvE build is best for these types of activities.
    Khajiit Stamblade
    Dark Elf Magsorc
    Redguard Stamina Dragonknight
    Orc Stamplar PVP
    Breton Magsorc PVP

    PS5 NA

  • depravity_influence
    yeah i done most of the delves in cyro and explored the sewers in Imp city
    all were fun as hell. when i fished in cyro it was pretty ez since not many ppl were there but fishing in imp city was kinda a pain be manageable. I just need to take yalls advice and ask zone chat
  • LadySinflower
    I really enjoy the activities in IC but don't enjoy PvP. If I go there it's late at night on the emptiest campaign. I scope out the area and if I see anybody from other alliances I leave. I've never grouped up to go there being mainly a solo player. Sometimes I'm lucky and can do a few things without getting hassled by other players, but if I ever try to stay more than an hour or so it ends with somebody killing me. The quests and other things in IC are really fun though. I just have to accept that if I go in there I can't completely avoid the PvP. I carry very little telvar so anyone who kills me doesn't get much from what I'm carrying. But they don't know that. So yeah, it's a PvP zone. PvErs like me have to accept the risk or just stay out.
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