Why is Wayrest Sewers 1 Still Broken?

Wayrest Sewers has been a broken dungeon for years (yes I know the Crocodile at the beginning causes the bug where you're "in combat" after the Orc Boss and can't use the door) but this new bug where the final boss summons the horrors and you kill them but she doesn't reappear for 5+ minutes because there is an enemy somewhere supposedly (but there IS no enemy there).

Happens every, single time I run Wayrest Sewers 1. I've filled out numerous bug reports on it and the bug has been there for at least a month now.

Please fix or take broken dungeons out of the "Random" Rotation so we don't have to continue dealing with the bugs for our daily bonus.
  • mobicera
    It's not a new bug, it has been there for years and I'm not sure its even related to in combat from a crocodile at the beginning of the dungeon...
    2nd its about 30-40 seconds not 5 minutes.
    3rd its probably closer to 50/50 for the bug to occur.
    4th it doesn't prevent the complete like hard crashing everyone on zaan hm.

    Being overly dramatic doesn't really help and after 3 years+ it's safe to say that they are pretty much clueless about fixing this particular bug.
  • Rykja
    Soul Shriven
    By this point it is a feature so you have a few minutes to reflect on yourself. :shrug:
  • El_Borracho
    Its even better when you run a pug with a fake healer (who is also a fake DPS) who gets through the door forst, starts the boss fight while the other 3 group members are locked behind the door, gets killed and nobody can get through the door because they are "in combat," and the fake healer blames the rest of the group for his actions.

    Not that this has ever happened...
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