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A poem I wrote for Shezarr

Hymn to the Forgotten God

I preach the love and glory of Shezarr,
more loving and forgiving even than the likes of Stendarr.
For he is the one and true Aedroth,
forgotten and hated by all, including the Ancestor Moth.

It is he who devised the divine plan of creation,
and then adamantly protected Mundus from Aedric damnation.
Betrayed and slain by gods and mortals alike,
Shezarr never wished for anyone's head on a spike.

Not only did he give Nirn the beautiful gift of life,
his holy blood even continues shielding it from all Daedric strife.
His Red Diamond is the Chim-El Adabal,
and saved Nirn from the clutches of the envious Molag-Bal.

It is he who shines bright through the night Tamriel skies,
Masser and Secunda being his ever-loving and watchful eyes.
His remains are now defiled by impostor gods,
though Shezarrines deliver radiant justice to fight against all odds.

Even to this day the Heart of Lorkhan beats,
spreading hope and unbeknownst to us the darkness it defeats.
For Shezarr forgives even those that stole his name,
but such is the magnificence of the Forgotten God, eternal shall be his fame!
Edited by Athan1 on February 12, 2021 7:29AM
Athan Atticus Imperial Templar of Shezarr
  • Satyrfey
    I confess, this made me want to go buff up my lore knowledge. Beautifully written.
  • Athan1
    Thanks :)
    Athan Atticus Imperial Templar of Shezarr
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