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Looking for friends PC EU

Hi there I've recently made the switch from Ps4 to Pc, I had max CP and 8 maxed toons, I was Mag DK Main that suffered 1.6 and beyond without a heal haha
I did both endgame trials and pvp, small scale, 2vX's and BG's, I've been a long time Lurker on the forums but I never made an account as I found it easy to make friends on the Ps4 Due to Voice chat, Pc is feeling kind of barren in comparison.

I'm looking for either a fellow lowbie to level up with or a decent guild that can find the time to give me a hand in grinding up or at least a kind fellow who could find the kindness in their heart to sort me out some purple training gear XD.

I'm finding the process of doing it all over again laborious and soul destroying if I'm totally honest.

If there is anyone out there please save my soul and in return I'll be a great partner.
My Username is @LtClunge and I'm on the DC faction at the moment but I'm open to switch as I'm only level 12
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  • LtClungeX
    kinda feeling like akon rn
  • tonne.backlinderb16_ESO
    Search among the guilds here. You should find some that suits you
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