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Want a bit of advice for a part-time sorc healer.

I have built one of Alcast's one-bar magsorcs for Maelstrom/Vateshran arenas, but on occasion I might want to jump in with a casual group (no vet trials or anything like that) to do some random stuff, and my DPS with the one-bar build is crap. I am thinking about just throwing a resto staff on my back bar to play at healer when I group. So I've got my pets on both bars to keep them from poofing, now I just need to know which three other skills are the best ones to choose. I'm imagining Combat Prayer is probably up there, but I really don't have much experiencing using a resto staff to know which of those skills are the more useful ones.
  • etchedpixels
    A lot of it is about gear. Plague doctor is making you much more robust but also significantly reducing your ability to deal damage. In a solo arena that's useful - dead people don't deal any damage at all, in other environments it's not. For group damage you also probably don't want two pets.

    On PC at least there is a really good add-on called dressing room that allows you to switch saved gear and skill sets which makes doing a big switchover painless.

    Whilst you might need some more skill points and a few skills - and perhaps to go collect say mother's sorrow there's not a lot static about a build and you can often take multiple related builds or skill setups and switch between them or merge them in ways that work for you. In other words don't just think about "and a restro staff", think about "and near enough this build too" if you work off builds.

    For example the Alcast sorceror-healer-pve and the one bar magsorc are (barring champion points which is going to lower effectiveness a little) basically the same but with different skills and gear. Ditto many typical magsorc dps builds..

    If you have lots of CP you could optimize a bit and move them around so you are sharing them between the areas you need on each config and you'll not see that much difference either because each CP in a given slot has less impact than the last one - so if you are CP 600 and followed the CP 300 build for each, then put the extra from overlaps into them as if you were CP 300+whatever you'd probably come out armwavingly in the right place

    Too many toons not enough time
  • Maythor
    Combat prayer, illustrious healing (or healing springs .. first healing staff skill) and the healing necrotic orb morph from the undaunted skill line will work fine. Another option would be radiating regeneration if you wanted if you didn't have undaunted leveled.
    Edited by Maythor on February 4, 2021 4:49PM
  • hexnotic
    this is exactly what i run on my sorc healer:

    mundus: mage (other viable options are shadow, and ritual but i opted for max magicka instead of crit or extra healing bc i felt that those areas are covered well enough with my gear/ passives)

    race: argonian (other viable races can be breton, high elf, and khajiit)

    helm: heavy divines symphony of blades, magicka glyph

    shoulder: medium divines symphony of blades, magicka glyph

    (other viable monster sets can be earthgore, sentinel of rkugamz, bogdan nightflame)

    spell power cure body pieces, full divines, all mag glyphs

    hollowfang jewls, all arcane with spell recovery glyphs

    hollowfang resto(powered) spell dmg glyph
    hollowfang lightning staff(charged)shock dmg glyph

    lightning staff bar: crit surge, twilight matriarch, elemental blockade, empowered ward, ele drain

    resto staff bar: combat prayer, twilight matriarch, healing springs, radiating regen, energy orb

    for champion points i just use the alcast healer cp spec.

    this is just how i like to play and what i feel is viable, hopefully it helps!
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