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Looking for dedicated PvE guild. WARNING : background story inside - read at your own discretion.

Soul Shriven
Hey brothers and sisters in arms. Tzoltze Ek from Belgium here with a long story in a nutshell that I really feel like sharing with you guys and girls
I feel the urge to give you some background information as to why I came back to ESO, and please NO, it’s not to get favors, mellow, or playing the victim, it’s the raw truth for me atm.
I broke up with my GF after a few years, my parents got divorced and I moved a total of 4 times in 2020. It started when my parents got divorced and my mother got the apartment I was renting from my father. So I moved out and stayed in the attic of my twin sister (love her, and my entire close relatives family) then I moved to my GF (we always wanted to wait a bit since she had a child from someone else..) and after the breakup moved to a couch of a good friend. Then I moved to my best friends Ralph newly bought house and he proposed to rent the top floor for a very fair price
Also he has 20+ years of IT experience on the job and is an python/automatization expert. Fits perfectly with the IT studies I started.
I just got treated for thyroid cancer, a particularly nasty version. Instead of the 4 years of going back every 3 months for checkup if it has spread I have 10 years to go. This also gave me financial problems. I also FINALLY got diagnosed ADHD and ADD (only last week) and getting medication for it. Its starting to work and helping a lot. The doctor and psychologist couldn't believe that no one had noticed it in all these years (my friends have been telling me I had it from the moment I met them, but I didn’t want more pills …), but it does shine a huge light on my past and the why, what and how questions I constantly got.
I’m pretty smart, sorry for saying this about myself, but I quit Philosophy in its 3rd and final year. I then studied archeology and quit at the end of my first year after which I worked and studied at Loods 13 with a famous Belgian artist Walter De Buck RIP 2017 in arts (metal and stone crafting) and quitted in my last year. I also quit in my 2nd year of Remedial education and now I’m doubting of stopping IT sciences in my first year so I can focus on getting everything in my mind and soul in the right order. The psychologist and the medication is a godsend and I’m confident I’ll succeed in whatever I’ll do next after first firmly grounding myself. Did I mention my border collie died in the meantime (Lynx; adopted where he was called Rex (Lynx in Dutch means left and Rex means right and is a cop dogs name :=p) I had to put him to sleep age 9, his body weight being almost 1/3rd consisting of tumors)
I just took a 365 days ESO+ membership and will buy the new expansion tomorrow. That’s what I’m looking for in ESO, a band of brothers and sisters whom I can fight with on a daily basis and really progress together. I have plenty of time, playing at least 8 hours (usually a lot more) each day. Or at least a sort off fixed group that can really rely on each other and progress in game.I have a magicka DPS group PvE dungeon/trials Nightblade called Ek Tzoltze at 480CP (I think?) and just rolled a Necromancer level 3 :p called Tzoltze Ek which I might make a healer or a tank also for PvE dungeon/trials etc. Another project will be making a PvP character but that’s for after this. I can easily respect my NB to the stamina NB he was and go nuts in PvP with him and all his excellent gear I still have in bank. I am a beta player (have the beta monkey pet and the loyalty tiger mount) and took a 3 year break 3 years ago from ESO.

Sorry for the long read but that was in a nutshell to be honest :/ Feel free to PM me for a talk, a guild invite , doing pledges, runs or dancing together in Mournhold :p
Ek Tzoltze – Count on me.
[email protected]
  • Hotdog_23
    Best wishes and good luck in your road to recovery and discovery.

    Stay safe and have fun :)
    Edited by Hotdog_23 on February 3, 2021 8:15AM
  • EkTzoltze
    Soul Shriven
    Thanks alot Hotdog_23 :)

    Stay safe
  • Nazekeen

    How do you feel about a small, family like guild? We have around 45 members and consider ourselves entry level.
    We have 2 fixed events each week: we're running trials on Sunday (currently working on nCR+3) and vet dungeons on Monday (working on Moonhunter Keep). There are, however, lots of ad-hoc events on other days as well like, grouping for a random normal, pledges, or (more recently) Imperial City and Battlegrounds. There will almost always be someone online. Every member is free to create events as well.
    Our base values are friendship and inclusivity. We are a tight-knit group, and new members are invited to jump in and join in our adventures and on the Discord, right away.

    Most of us are 30+, with an average age of around, I want to say, 40-ish. Some are younger.

    Our Discord is very active, our public channel and an information channel are publicly accessible. Feel free to see if we are what you're looking for: https://discord.gg/uBvDy3CQ

    Feel free to drop us a line on Discord, or you may find me in-game as well (usually after 7-7:30) @Nazekeen
      Crazy Khajiit Lady
    • Nazekeen Khajiit NB: 9 trait crafter, farmer, housing enthousiast, built for speed, not damage
    • Addhiranirr Khajiit DK: tanking for fun only, no serious business
    • Ayliza Bloodmoon Khajiit Pet Sorc: Main character, dd
    • S'Raani Khajiit Healplar: Main healer
    • Rabynna Khajiit Magplar: solitary cat, likes quests
    • Aqir di Kha'Jay Khajiit Plar: experimental dd/solo build
    • Maiq the Healer Khajiit Warden healer: Only male character
    • Yenithka Rishajiit Khajiit Sorc Healer: Still learning
    • Qari Morna Khajiit Magcro: Working on learning DoT rotation
    • Jajofa Zatayer Khajiit Necro Healer/offDD: Catalyst/Saxhleel
    • Zissqara Khajiit Sorc: low level, going to be a tank
    • Zira Hejta Khajiit Arcanist: low level, going to be a dd
  • EkTzoltze
    Soul Shriven
    I have joined your discord. I will be in touch tomorrow. Be safe and have fun. And thanks, thanks alot.
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