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Mount names containing special characters

There are several mount names which contain special characters at the end. Below are a list of the mount names with the characters, and the code which I used to make a list of mount names.

"Plague Husk Skeletal Wolf^n",
"Cinder Skeletal Horse^n",
"Frost Draugr Skeletal Wolf^n",
"Tuxedo Bear^n",
"Cinder Wolf^n",
"Karthwolf Charger^n",
"Shadowghost Horse^n",
"Witch Knight Charger^n",
"Frost Draugr Skeletal Horse^n",
"Nix-Ox War-Steed^n",
"Plague Husk Skeletal Senche^n",
"Plague Husk Horse^n",
"Shadowghost Senche^n",
"Frost Draugr Senche^n",
"Cinder Skeletal Senche^n",
"Shadowghost Wolf^n",
"Flame Atronach Camel^n",
"Flame Atronach Guar^n",
"Flame Atronach Bear^n",
"Shadowghost Guar^n",
"Flame Atronach Horse^n",
"Flame Atronach Senche^n",
"Flame Atronach Wolf^n",
"Frostbane Sabre Cat^n",
"Shadow Atronach Senche^n",
"Cold Flame Atronach Wolf^n",
"Skyfire Guar^n",
"Helkarn Wolf^n",
"Winter Garland Dapple Gray^n",
"Night Frost Atronach Steed^n",
"Frostbane Guar^n",
"Frostbane Wolf^n",
"White-Gold Imperial Courser^n",
"Nix-Ox Fabricant Steed^n",
"Frostbane Bear^n",
"Frostbane Camel^n",
"Fang Lair Courser^n",
"Masqued \"Unicorn\" Steed^n",
"True Ghost Horse^n",
"Manelord Nightmare Senche^n",
"Galvanic Storm Steed^n",
"Snow-Blanket Sorrel Horse^n",
"Tattooed Shorn Camel^n",
"Bal Foyen Circus Guar^n",
"Phantom Ice Wolf^n",
"Bloodshadow Wraith Steed^n",
"Floral Tattoo Shorn Camel^n",
"Psijic Camel v2",
"Psijic Guar v2",
"Psijic Bear v2",
"Psijic Wolf v2",
"New Moon Bear^N",
"New Moon Guar^F",
"New Moon Camel^N",
"New Moon Wolf^n",
"Sanguivorian Howler^N",
"Planemeld Courser^N",
"Ancient Dragon Hunter Horse^F",
"Oak-Ember Forge Wolf^N",
"Graysmoke Forge Bear^N",
"Coalsmoke Forge Horse^n",
"Mind-Shriven Wolf^N",
"Grisly Horse Mummy^n",
"Kynbound Senche-Panther^n",
"Dread-Aurelian Charger^N",
"Legion Zero Destrier^M",
"Winterbloom Warmblood^M",
"Dark Aeon Wolf^n",
"Volcanic Senche-Panther^M",
"Dark Opaline Steed^M",
"Frost Atronach Kagouti^N",
"Frost Atronach Wolf^N",
"Frost Atronach Senche^N",
"Frost Atronach Horse^N",
"Frost Atronach Dwarven Spider^n",
"Frost Atronach Bear^N",
"Khaj Necromancer's Steed^M",
"Scorched Alley Howler^F",
"Legendary Dragon Horse^F",
"Spectral Indrik^F",
"Holdbreaker Warhorse^F",

Source Code:
local mountcounter = 0 local mounts={}
for count = 1, GetTotalCollectiblesByCategoryType(FavoriteMount.typeMounts) do
local index = GetCollectibleIdFromType(FavoriteMount.typeMounts, count)
local p1, p2, p3, p4, p5, p6, p7, p8, p9 = GetCollectibleInfo(index)
if p1 then
mountcounter = mountcounter + 1
mounts[mountcounter] = p1
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