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Order of Content (Markarth updated)

ESO Newbie guide to content order (Based on release dates)
I wanted to make an updated (and as spoiler free as possible) new player guide to the order of content in the game. Since the game spits people out in the newest content they own, a lot of new players can get very confused with where they are supposed to begin (if they care about the order of content they play). So I condensed all the info I could find on the order of the content as of Greymoor update. If I am missing anything, or any details are off please feel free to post the updated info below and I will update when I can!

A quick little note before reading ahead about quest markers:
-White diamond marked quests are active MAIN questlines
-Black diamond marked quests are inactive MAIN questlines, either not grabbed yet, or just not your targetted quest currently in your journal
-Blue arrow marked quests are repeatable daily quests
-White arrow marked quests are active side quests/quest targets
-Black arrow marked quests are inactive side quests/quest targets

To make a quest you have picked up an active quest, go to your journal and click the quest you would like active. Then just follow the WHITE quest icons, they will pertain to the quest you have active.

***Harborage Questline***
This is the first base game main questline. Depending on the newest content you own, You will begin in one of these places; Vvardenfell (if you only own base game + Morrowind), Summerset, Elseweyr, or Western Skyrim. To begin your Harborage main questline you will need to travel from where you are to your alliance's starting map.
Alliance starting maps are:
-Aldmeri Dominion: Auridon map, Vulkel Guard town
-Daggerfall Covenant: Glenumbra map, Daggerfall town
-Ebonheart Pact: Stonefalls map, Davon's Watch town

Depending on your alliance, you will go to your alliance's starting map and look for a "hooded figure" which for example, in Auridon in Vulkel guard, they are on a big boat at the dock sitting at a table on the captains deck. Once you speak to this figure you will begin your harborage questline which will take you through your main questline for the base game.

The other main questlines that are supposed to be done along with your harborage questline are:
-Mages guild
-Fighters guild
-Alliance/zone questline

The mages guild questline can be started, of course, at the mages guild (Any mages guild will direct you to the questline). Same goes for the Fighters guild.

***Alliance Questline/Zone Questlines***
Alliance questlines are supposed to be done alongside the Harborage questline (and one needs the other to finish the main questline of the base game) (Note: Finishing the base questline will give you access to "Cadwells silver" and "Cadwells gold" These questlines are Azura's reward to the player, letting them experience the other alliance's main alliance questline as if they chose that alliance instead, so do not be confused when you do either of those questlines and they talk about as if the events you took place in never happend yet!) Alliance main questlines begin in these maps based off from your character's alliance:

-Aldmeri Dominion: Khenarthi's Roost map
-Daggerfall Covenant: Stros M'Kai map
-Ebonheart Pact: Bleakrock Isle map

Follow the questline here to lead you to Auridon, Glenumbra, and Stonefalls which will continue your Alliance quest. If you do not go to your alliance questline beginning map first, you may get a bit confused if you do Auridon, Glenumbra, or Stonefalls first as the questlines are a continuation of what happens at Khenarthi's Roost, Stros M'Kai, and Bleakrock Isle.

***Craglorn Questline***
Meet with the stargazer outside your alliance's capital to go to Craglorn map and begin this questline. Locations per alliance are:

-Aldmeri Dominion: Grahtwood map, Eldenroot town, heading towards the stables
-Daggerfall Covenant: Stormhaven map, Wayrest town, across from stables
-Ebonheart Pact: Deeshan map, Mournhold town, Northeastern circle path

***(Optional) Imperial City PVE/PVP ZONE***
Use the Alliance war queue. This questline doesnt "have" to be done, especially if you dont care for pvp. But if you want the full in order story, this comes next in the questlines.

Any starting city, Stuga will run up to you and follow you a bit. Talk to her to begin this questline, and take the cart to Orsinium.

***Thieves Guild***
Any outlaws Refuge, speak to Quen to begin this questline.

***Dark Brotherhood***
Any outlaws Refuge, speak to Amelie Crowe to begin this questline (can also find her on the docks in the Gold Coast map near the npcs playing a game, located near the lighthouse a bit).

***DUNGEON STORY Shadows of the Hist***
Cradle of shadow and Ruins of Mazzatun dungeons

***Morrowind Questline***
Almost any inn in game, look for Alessio Guillon to begin this questline. Can also be started in Seyda Neen.

***DUNGEON STORY Horns of the Reach***
Bloodroot forge and Falkreath Hold dungeons

***Clockwork city Questline***
Mage's guild hall (Starter alliance area or capital of alliance area) "Order of the Eye Dispatch" begins this questline.

***DUNGEON STORY Dragon Bones***
Fang Lair and Scalecaller Peak dungeons

***Summerset Questline***
Vanus Galerion in one of the starter city Mage's guild halls. Can also begin by finding Raz in Summerset along the road outside of Shimmerene.

***DUNGEON STORY Wolfhunter***
Moonhunter Keep and March of Sacrifices dungeons

***Murkmire Questline***
Any starter city for the prologue quest, NPC is Concordia Mercius. Then speak with Famia in Lilmoth in the Murkmire map.

***DUNGEON STORY Wrathstone***
Frostvault and Depths of Malatar dungeons

***Northern Elsweyr***
Speak to Anais Davaux, or Abnur Tharn in a starter city

***DUNGEON STORY Scalebreaker***
Moongrave Fane and Lair of Maarselok dungeons

***Southern Elsweyr (Dragonhold)***
Contact Hizuur in a starter city who directs you to Kasura.

***DUNGEON STORY Harrowstorm***
Icereach and Unhallowed Grave dungeons

***Western Skyrim (Dark Heart of Skyrim)***
Prologue stars with Lyris in the Fighters guild in a starter city

***DUNGEON STORY Stonethorn***
Stone garden and Castle thorn dungeons

***(Prologue quest) The Ravenwatch Inquiry***
Find Gwendis at her camp in Aldmeri Dominion Auridon, Daggerfall Covenant Glenumbra, or Ebonheart Pact Stonefalls.

***(Prologue quest) The Gray Council***
Travel to Grayhome Island and talk to Gwendis.

Travel to Markarth and speak with Verandis outside the city/right near the only wayshrine first unlocked on the map.
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