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Can someone tell me if MagBlade is viable in PVP/PVE nowadays?

would you say they are on par with templar and sorcerer or even betetr or even worse?
  • AcadianPaladin
    I only play PvE (primarily solo but that does include soloing group dungeons and WBs). I find my templar, sorc, warden and NB mages all roughly equally viable. Different from each other to be sure but all viable.
    PC NA(no Steam), PvE, mostly solo
  • UntilValhalla13
    Magblade are one of the top classes for endgame pve currently.
  • wheresbes
    I'm not a good player so take this with a grain of salt. My magblade sneezes in delves and everyone dies. I can solo some world bosses and normal dungeons (albeit not very quickly) so overall I'd say, if I can do that, a good player might get it to work really well.

    I'm always fascinated by templars, the ones I've run dungeons with were almost all god-like. Though I'm fairly sure that if I were to play one, I wouldn't achieve the same results, so at one point it's really down to player's skills IMO.

    I can't comment on PVP, I haven't got much experience there.

    One thing to mention is that if you look at the builds online, magblade rotation is more convoluted compared to that of other classes.
  • dominguero96
    Regarding PVP, both stam and magicka nb are in a weird spot. The idea of nb is to enter a fight, hit really hard and get out because you are not supposed to "resist being hit".

    With the new meta being tanky as hell you can't end a fight fast enough. In addition, these new tanks wear proc sets which don't rely on offensive stats, meaning that you will get hurt even if you have higher "offensive stats".

    In conclusion, magblade is in a bad spot compared to other classes although you can play if and only if, you also wear proc sets. I do not like the proc sets meta so I have moved to my stamblade which I can still play without them.
  • Juhasow
    Short answer to original post : in PvE yes , in PvP not so much.
  • r3turn2s3nd3r
    The only thing magblade is really efficient at in pvp right now is bombing. If you know how to bomb well, you can make loads of AP.
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