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Build Questions?

Medium Briarheart Chest, Belt, Shows, Hands, and Pants all divines with stamina enchantments, dw and bow both Leviathan with dw beign nirnhoned and bow infused both weapon damage, for jewelry all agility but idk if I should get hunding jewelry instead, for monster sets idk between slimecraw and stormfist. Any help?
  • Recent
    I use selenes monster set on my stamina nightblade with hundings and briarhear rings and neck which i farmed myself or you can buy from the guild stores.

    I love selenes and it procs often. You get it from the vet selene's web dungeon.
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  • zaria
    Selenes is nice, its acutaly seen as best in slot.
    Now birarhear jewelry is expensive, Hurdling is nice but you have to purple the jewlery.
    Leviathan jewelry drops in Crypt of heart, 1 is easy in vet for the purple ones.
    You might want Briarheart weapons, you can get the dagger from an quest but it will be powered so recreate or transmute.
    Get the bow from normal maelstrom arena.

    Benefit here is that the effect from briarheart carry over to your bow.
    Grinding just make you go in circles.
    Asking ZoS for nerfs is as stupid as asking for close air support from the death star.
  • DraggOOn_021
    Can I put selenes as monster set, three other body parts hunding, jewelery leviathan and 2 body parts and weapons briarheart?
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