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Soul Shriven

I’m looking for some chill peeps to do vBRP with for the first time with because LFM in Craglorn for this content is pain.

I am a 90k dps stamblade looking for a tank, dd, and healer (or possibly 3rd dd). Available sets I have at hand are: Relequen, VO, Selene, Stormfist, Briarheart, New Moon Acolyte, Perfected Thunderous Volley, Perfected Caustic Arrow, Iceheart.

Edited by kstephano on January 9, 2021 9:58AM
  • kstephano
    Soul Shriven
    Finished it with a decent group, took around an hour and a half but no perfected axe unfortunately.
  • Canperial35
    I've done it a couple of times as a tank and I need those one handed weapons too. My in-game is @Canperial35
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