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PC NA - Healer looking for regular dungeon questing group

Soul Shriven
I'm a long-time casual player who has stuck mostly to solo PvE content. Looking to explore more group content (dungeons, trials, etc.), but really interested in being able to move at a casual pace and take in related quests and learn mechanics. Currently playing with a CP320ish healer. I'm in CST and play during late afternoon, evenings, and weekends.
  • SolaricT
    Soul Shriven
    I play about the same time and am happy to work with you. I do prefer voice chat to typing but can do either. I can play pure dps or tanky dps. Like you I am in no rush to run through each dungeon but prefer to actually take the time to see and hear the dialog that is built into the game. At least the first couple time anyway. Contact me and we can discuss.
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  • DwellsInNorthwest
    you're welcome to join ESO Slow Dungeons discord group: 😃
    we're a group of people who like to run dungeons at a slow pace to listen to entire quest dialogue, look around etc
    we run storymode trials sometimes too
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