What's the last mechanic you learned from a Normal Dungeon or Trial?

Question is in the title. I have seen this point brought up a lot recently. Personally I can't remember the last time I learned a mechanic from a normal dungeon or even a normal trial. Typically the sharp contrast of difficult content and easy content in ESO and the lack of a proper medium or progressive difficulty makes running normal content to learn mechanics useless. You are far better for pushing through vet if you want to learn mechanics.
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Legions of Mordor Core

  • Nairinhe
    If you duo dungeons, you usually have to do mechanics even on normal. So for me it's, like, all of them.
    Also there are some "do or die" mechanics which you may have to do on normals too, especially if it's a pug and you don't have top DPS to just burn the boss before it happens. Like Gamyne Bandu in FG2 or MoL twins.
  • KaGaOri
    Last what comes to mind - finally figgured out what to do in skeevaton phase in Frostvalut - second run there. Couldn't for love of Mara figgure out how to charge the thing first time around. And where to stand to not get pushed into pool of death in Castle Thorn, I gues, if that counts.

    Have been in couple normal runs, which failed because nobody was able to do mechanics (wouldn't throw meatsacks at second boss in ICP, kept stacking enemies at first boss in March of Sacrifices, whole second boss fight in Unhallowed grave (and fourth boss, though no-mechanics guys usually won't get that far), not interrupting and hitting shielded enemies in vain at final boss in Icereach, etc). Tried to explain mechanics, but they either wouldn't read chat, or there was language barrier at work (that's EU server for you) - kept running in blindly, then quit.

    Had done single run of single trial so far - normal Cloud rest. Apparently there is mechanic where some people have to go away through portal (know only because some people volunteered for it in chat). Probably should try it out on normal at least once, before I'll get myself 11 vet players wanting to feed me to hungry gryphons :D .
  • MasterSpatula
    I learned that the most important mechanic in Vet Frostvault is "don't do Vet Frostvault."
    "A probable impossibility is preferable to an improbable possibility." - Aristotle
  • idk
    IDK, seriously. Considering how many mechanics are reused from other content it si hard to tell. Also, I do not run a lot of normal dungeons or trials outside of initial gearing when a new trial comes out.

    I will say there are some DLC dungeons that still have mechanics that offer resistance. Especially when the group's DPS is not so great. It is a double whammy since most players on the lower side of the DPS curve tend to be more challenged with noticing mechanics.

    With that, I would suggest that everyone needs to get used to their builds so they do not need to think about it. That enables the players to pay more attention to what is going on around them.

    I digress. Good topic.
  • El_Borracho
    @KaGaOri Its surprising how many people don't know they shouldn't go near the pool of death in Castle Thorn, especially as its nearly an insta-kill even on normal. The bigger one on vet is killing adds and avoiding the lasers on Talfyg.

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