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Help me find my perfect guild ^^

Soul Shriven
Hi All,
Have recently come back to the game and enjoying it. I am looking for a guild to call home. I enjoy all types of content but I'm looking for a guild where everyone is very friendly with each other & everyone is social!
Reply in the comments or send me a mail in game :) (IGN: @FlyingSheepYT)
  • Asdara
    If you want to help us to launch our small friendly RP guild, we need members to start things up (get banner, bank, etc) you don't have to stay if you don't want to :)
    Just @asdara in game if you're interested!
    Forget new content for a while & forget adding new DLC, this is a list of what is actually needed in the game:
    1: Handheld magic/ giving you the option to not use your staff to L/H Attack but instead it will shoot from your hand, like a spell.
    2: Spellcrafting.
    3: Combat pet skin / summon Atronach.
    4: Summon weapon.
    5: Change the Housing item limit.
    6: Multi Attunable crafting station.
    7: Add Writ boards and Writ Drop-off's for housing.
    8: Cut the crown price of Mundus stones (4000x13? 52000 crowns?).
    9: Visual upgrade for all spell and animation.
    10: More structural item, door, floors, arch, walls for all size and shape.
    11: Dusting and adding things to the mage guilds.
  • WordsOfPower
    If you're interested in learning and developing, feel free to give The Arcane University a try
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