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Disable low-pop bonus and score for open/ non-locked campaigns

1. Low pop bonus makes sense to strengthen a faction with a lower number of players. However, in non-locked campaigns, people just relog to one faction to get low pop bonus and then play with their other faction. So, low pop bonus does not make sense in a non-locked campaign.
2. Score also does not make sense in a non-locked campaign. People are rewarded to manipulate the score and getting higher rewards with their main char.

-> please disable low pop bonus and score in non-locked campaigns. It does not make any sense from a conceptual point of view. This measure would also reduce relogging, waiting at the base to get low pop bonus or other unpleasant behavior and make cyrodiil a lot more enjoyable.
  • idk
    Score does not make sense in a PvP design that is not intended to be competitive which is what Cyrodiil is about.

    Further, the low pop bonus is intended to draw players to the low pop alliance of a campaign.

    Conclusion, we do not need to disable the low pop bonus as it will not make a real difference in a low pop campaign.
  • red_emu
    Problem is the lack of alliance lock, not any bonuses. Many players will simply relog to a currently dominating faction to have some easier fun. Let's be honest, it's human nature to gravitate towards less effort - higher reward scenarios.

    Another problem is people forming groups in a different faction only to help out their main alliance. Known as green/purple/orange alliance. Yes, I get that this is war and anything goes but faction loyalty was actually a thing a while back. Now PvP has become a troll fest.

    Unfortunately, small scale has now become the only viable option for most players, due to lags and restrictions imposed by ZOS to alleviate it.

    I kinda hope, that Cyrodiil will see some rework with the 2021 chapter.
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