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I am always a few steps behind everyone else, but not on *my* screen, what's causing it?

If my friend and I are riding together, for instance, she sees (and has sent me screencaps) her toon right up next to mine or even a little ahead. Meanwhile, on my screen, all the way zoomed out, I can't even see her because her toon is so far behind mine. If I and another person are running up to a chest in a dungeon, even if it looks like I'm ahead of them, when I click on it I get the bonk of denial and "already in use". Same with resource nodes or anything else that tells you if someone is already engaged with it. I am *always* last to anything even if on my screen it looks like I'm ahead, and I never see people in the position they are actually in even if they have stopped. If my friend comes and stands right on top of me with her toon, I see her toon a couple of body lengths away. My internet speed is average to fast, I don't get big lag spikes in the game, my ping has been below 80 a lot of the time, it never matters. My friend has crappy internet with a lot of lag. So we know it's not that. I also have a faster computer than hers. So what in the *world* could possibly be causing this? It's been this way for years, and even in different games and through a whole computer system change. Is it my ISP?
  • Waffennacht
    Its not you. Its them. Its positioning delay and has been noted in a few threads; primarily PvP where positioning is extremely important and constantly changing.

    It can cause other issues, such as the desync or whatever it is, happening when aomeone uses dragon leap. Sometimes you're character will slide into the "correct" position; or someone may leap where people are no longer positioned.

    We all experience it, I personally think it is something that was "given up on" to remove a different more serious problem. The positioning was never so off before my hiatus
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