2020 Mundas Stone Sale?

Good Morning !

I am asking if there could please be a Mundas sale this year. I am not sure if I missed it in 2020, however to my knowledge there has not been one. There were 2 Mundas sales in 2019 as indicated below.

March 2019

November 2019

Thank you so much and hope to see a sale soon :)

  • This_0ne
    it's actually disappointing. Previously ZOS did discount for furnishings every month in different categories. But not now. Now we have lost many good things.
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  • Schimmy
    Soul Shriven
    Please put the mundus stones on sale. I have been waiting months for it to be on Black Fredas or during the festival, which it usually occurs in one or the other. Nothing this year! I need to finish my guild house and these are expensive!
  • Serenez
    I absolutely agree! I too have been waiting all year with the hopes of obtaining all of the Mundas for a reasonable price. As a crown sale has just been offered, I would love to see a Mundas sale to align with this timing.

    I understand that there may be a desire to keep these a special item and not too easily attainable. If a crown sale is not possible at this time, I would ask then for a consideration to add them to the Master Writ Vendor for the equivalent value, similar to the Transmute station being offered in both Crown Store and the Master Writ Vendor. This would then give people a chance to obtain these items by other means then real life currency, especially during this most dreadful year of 2020 during a Pandemic which has affected so many in the world economically. There would still be means of convenience via the Crown Store for those that wish to get it right away, but offering a secondary means to obtain these sought after items.

    I find it extremely out of the ordinary that the Mundas was left out of the entire 2020 crown store showcases as this is a step away from what has happened in the previous years. My only thought was this was either an oversight, there are alternative plans for the Mundas that is not yet known to us, or it will be a sale in the final week of the year.

    I thank you in advance of this consideration.


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