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PC/EU A new Guild Royal Dynasty is building a new Adventure come say hi :)

Soul Shriven
Tired of being stuck in a ghost guild filled with strangers? Want to help grow a new social guild to be at its best.Join us and help grow and build our new friendly community even further! All the guild will have to offer will be available soon, focusing on growth for now.

Are you a solo player scared of group content? We are patient and can help you! Are you a veteran? Join us in helping others and build our friendly community even further! If you enjoy questing, looting, levelling, and dungeons and eventually endgame content. Come and explore the mysterious wonder of Tamriel with us. :wink:

Royal Dynasty is active both in discord and in game :smile:

@xxSacredHeartxx (Miss-Necro-Dee)
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  • xxSacredHeartxx
    Soul Shriven
    - We now have over 50 members, and the majority is playing solo at this moment in time.
    - We will have the option of having fun dungeon runs as groups eventually.
    - We respect each members solo activities, but also offer options to group together.
    - We have very new players, and we have players who have alot of knowledge of the game who can help others when necessary.
    - We have a Discord Channel for those who want some extra social interaction.

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  • xxSacredHeartxx
    Soul Shriven
    Our guild is steadily growing and taking form. Our members are very social, kind and willing to help other solo players who are new to the game and can offer help when our players are stuck and need help.
  • Skauron
    I've joined this one, its a great guild so far!
    Champion level chars: Nord Warden (Tank):50 Khajiit Nightblade (stam dual blade):50 High Elf Necromancer (magicka dps):50 Dragonknight (Tank):50 Sorcerer Vampire: 50
    Also levelling: Templar (dps)

    Started playing ESO: April 4th
  • Darius1975
    Soul Shriven

    I would like to join the guild. @ Darius1975. Thank you!
  • tonne.backlinderb16_ESO
    I would like to join @Tonneback
  • ZeSpecter
    Soul Shriven
    Hey how's this guild doing now? I've come to realise that the smaller guilds tend to be the most friendly and welcoming to new members. This guild does interest me a lot, just curious how many members you're at right now
  • Jeirno
    Hi! I would like to join, player with 4 years of experience looking to just have some fun :)@Jeirno is my ingame
  • Aurrynthea_Drake
    I'm interested in joining @Aurrynthea_Drake
    Magic does not die. It merely sleeps until called forth into the world again.
    PC EU (PvE)(ex PvP)
  • wolfdehulster
    Soul Shriven
    Hey :)

    Would like to join this guild, but can't find the guild in game.
    Still a beginner, but would like to socialize a bit.

    Name should be same as forum: @wolfdehulster
    Can you add me?

  • xxSacredHeartxx
    Soul Shriven
    Those interested you can add me on discord XxHellsAngelxX(Samantha)#3934
  • alsonotan0rc
    I was in this guild for several months and really enjoyed my time there. I was active and never had a negative interaction with anyone to my recollection, and I even recommended the guild to several new players and bumped the recruiting message when I saw the officers recruiting in zone chat.
    Today I logged in to discover that I'd been removed from the guild, removed from the guild Discord, and blocked by the leaders. I talked to another guild member to try to find out what might have gone wrong, but it turned out they also had been removed without reason a couple weeks ago. The other former member told me that they knew of about 30 people booted with no apparent precipitating event or issue since they have been in the guild.
    Though it's not going to affect my game, I'm a little sad and a lot perplexed.
  • xxSacredHeartxx
    Soul Shriven
    Our guild has a rule that is simple and easy to follow, Inactive members who are inactive are removed in a 7 day period.
    Those who let us know thay are going to be away always let us know and are not removed.
    We dont just kick people and for you to write that on this is unecessary.
    Saying that 30 members have been kicked is inaccurate.
    But I wont let it discourage my recruitment for the wonderful community we have.
  • tonne.backlinderb16_ESO
    Are you still recruiting?
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