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Dabbling in guild making and looking for members

Soul Shriven
I am getting into ESO and have decided to make a guild to more easily group up with people and help others out as I can. Currently, I am at 5 members and would really like to get more. Because it has just started, I really haven't came up with a niche for it. And with so few of members, I can't make it a trade guild. Just want something for fun. Feel free to reach out to me and I will get you access. Thanks!
  • bazzaro135
    What is the name of the guild?
  • PainlessDurst
    Soul Shriven
    bazzaro135 wrote: »
    What is the name of the guild?

    The Pharmacy

    My creativity sucks and I wanted to try to incorporate my stream into it. The Apothecary was taken so I just did that.
  • Medivh50
    Yes, the name is......interesting :)
    But that does not make up the guild. I am interested in joining. I prefer smaller tight knit groups than the big END GAME guilds. I am currently redownding the game now. I will be on when it is done.
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  • WesAtWar
    Soul Shriven
    New to ESO as is my sis. We are high Elves. Would like to join possibly as we are laid back people. Have a discord? Also we are adults over 21.
  • Redarmygeneral117
    Soul Shriven
    How do I join? I'm interested
  • Higuchi
    Hey, PainlessDurst! A few tips on the guild ... formation ;)

    1 You don't need to become a trade guild, or take any niche at all =) You might as well be just a social guild helping folks with whatever they need.

    2 To make it easier for people to join the guild, you should post here your ingame ID (like, mine is @alien.101) so that they could whisper/mail you in-game and get invited. OR leave a Guild Finder Link to the guild page (you copy paste it from the in-game Guild-Finder. no idea how! :D )

    3 these things are worth mentioning to make it clearer:
    Guild Name: so-and-so
    Style: Social/PVE/Everything/Multi Cultural/Inclusive
    Languages: English, blah-blah
    Location: United States/Europe/Asia/New Zealand/Australia/blah-blah
    Timezone: All (or some specific?... what's your time zone) :D
    Discord: (link if there is one)
    Members: ~ 5-100 (last update)
    Leaders: leader's ID (@blah-blah) here
    Level requirements: any
    *Server*: NA -PC/Mac (THAT'S IMPORTANT! some players don't mind surfing other platforms' forums. can get confused)
    About Us: some info on the guild purposes =)

    4 I'd like to join (send me an invite in-game >>> my ID is @alien.101). I"m a EU time-zone player but hope i'll fit =)
    NA Server 📚 MacOS 🐾
    Naofumí The Arcanist / Goellean (gameID: @Alien.101)
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