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Black Fangs Outpost [Argonian][Adventure][Roleplay]


To preface: we have been a roleplay guild since 2016. RP focused with interest in PvE the owner (me) has an interest in character growth and interactions between characters and the wide world of Mundus and its neighboring planes. People have come and gone over the years and we are looking for new members that would be interested in long term roleplay, world and story building, and community interactions!

The [Black Fang] Outpost was started by members of various Argonian tribes where all races can trade, hunt, and partake in other mercenary tasks that honor Raj-Sithis' edicts in changing Tamriel. On the western beaches of Murkmire: the Outposts serves as a broker between Leyawiin and Gideon for trade. Adventures, Trade, Hunting, and Slice-of-Life RP. Looking for active RPers.

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• Personal Storylines

An Argonian Outpost, based in Murkmire, it is accessible from roads through Stormhold and Leyawiin. Murkmire is a region in western Black Marsh. It borders Shadowfen to the north and Cyrodiil to the west. The city of Gideon can be found at its center with the outpost to the west. Although routes from Shadowfen and Leyawiin exist, the roads to Murkmire are often treacherous and are closed during monsoon season. The area around Gideon was once considered Kothringi homelands before the race was wiped out by the Knahaten Flu of 2E 560.

The Argonian tribes of Murkmire were one of three regions of Black Marsh to join the Ebonheart Pact at its founding in 2E 572. In 2E 582, a trade deal was brokered between Gideon and Leyawiin and the road to Gideon was reopened. The Outpost sits between these points of interest.



Message or PST @RexDraco in game for details or an invite.
Check the site for details: an application, rules, and previous events!
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