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307 Error "Booted from Server" and Infinite Loading Character Screen

Soul Shriven
Working on Alchemy, 307 error. Selling the pots, 307 error. Loading into Cloudrest, 307 error. With or without add ons, doesn't matter. 6 times that I counted (at least).

Last time after crashing out of Cloudrest, once I got back past the login screen and 307, I click on a toon to load, and it acts like its loading and then goes back to the character select screen. Tried 3 times. After a 4th time I finally got in. Frustrating. On top of crashing in dungeons or just crafting, this is becoming more than an irritant.

Please fix these issues. FYI. Someone else on my network was using their online game just fine, no disconnects, so please do not tell me it was my connection. /SIGH
  • SeaUnicorn
    Got similar issues while doing Dolmens today
  • Jadell_62
    Soul Shriven
    I am experiencing the 307 error about every time I use a wayshrine or try to port to a home/small dwelling of mine. I have to shut down launcher and reboot it in order to log back on. Please fix! This wasn’t happening before ZOS did some maintenance last Monday.
  • eurillian
    Soul Shriven
    I wanted to provide an update. Using a different laptop, I was at work during lunch break doing some writs. Happened to be working on alchemy again and chatting with guildies. I was not in the process of making a pot at the point I got booted, but chatting, and then 307 error. Note the wifi in our cafeteria has clear, strong signals and it's on a 10 gig backbone - I know I'm the one that had it set up for the company. So I doubt it's because of the internet connection going down.

    Please FIX!
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