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Vateshran last boss

During the fight after we come back from the fire portal, the fire mages appear really too quickly, hardly one is dead than another is often followed by a second a few seconds later and their damage are too strong.
Knowing that the boss will summon other add + colossi and that this is followed by the circle which gradually tightens on us, we often end up with 3 fire mage to interrupt 2 colossus inside the circle,really hard for finish in life this phase.

it's really complicated when you come out of the fire portal.
  • Firstmep
    I haven't noticed this issue, those mages are on a timed respawn.
    You want to cleave the one inside the portal while focusing the fire lord, and when you come back focus the main boss down.
    Apart from having to bash the fire mages, they pose no significant threat.
    Also make sure to do the fire portal last, so you don't have to deal with the mages for the majority of the fight.
    Havinh good aoe cleave is major key in this fight, especially if you don't have enough single target to push the main boss thru most mechanics.
  • Kurat
    If you don't have the dps to burn boss then kill adds so they don't pile up. Use crushing to interrupt.
  • ReachHalo
    It's an awesome fight... Frustrating AF, as sometimes I finish it first go, others takes me about 15. Best advice is to deal with the adds, then the boss. But overall, it's a vet arena, so it really shouldn't be too easy

    I have Five other words of advice:

    Ring of the Pale Order

    Good luck
  • Ferrym4n
    Red last. OK. This is not a tank friendly boss.
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