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Crashes after patch on monday

Vet scalecaller peak still blue screen at final boss. Also normal crypt of hearts 1 blue screened on first add pack. Ps4-NA also if this game is on its last leg please let me know so I don't put anymore real money into it. Which I already have NOT SPENDING ONE MORE EXTRA DIME UNTIL THIS GETS FIXED
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  • Zybelle
    Sadly, it's still impossible to have a decent raid without multiple crashes even after Monday patch.
    What's the plan to fix this?
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  • athena9205
    still more offline crashes, on nAA
  • iamkeebler
    While I was doing fine and didn’t experience any crashes, a few people in my group crashed quite a few times while doing overland stuff in Craglorn. Looks like the patch needs some more work. Also you still lose minor slayer when you die so that’s really annoying. I have stepped foot in a dungeon or trial tonight so I’m curious to see how that goes...
  • katanagirl1
    Several crashes for me in PvE upon reaching a new area after fast traveling via wayshrine. I think I got crash reports for those.

    Pretty much everyone in zone chat talking about constant freezes and crashes.

    I went to Cyrodiil Blackreach campaign and it wasn’t busy, so I did Chorrol and Weynon Priory daily quests, no problems with that. Then things picked up and I got into some sieges but it seemed every time more than 10 players were fighting my game would crash (freeze up with no crash report) and I would have to close the app and relog. I got tired of this and making no progress so I left the campaign.

    Combat timing even in PvE still feels way off, like the animation doesn’t match up with the damage either coming in or out. Hard to explain, though. Something like the damage gets held up and then hits 3 or 4 attacks at once so maybe the animation is running smoothly and getting ahead. Oftentimes it seemed like enemies die much sooner than I expect.
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  • Jonplummer99b14_ESO
    Also having multiple issues on Xbox Problems:

    Connecting to the game server (Says Internet not present)
    Connecting to Character Screen (Times out looking for a server)
    Random crashes in game - screen freeze and need to close game completely and re-start
    Crashes in instances..Manifests like massive lag then freezing
    Crashes in common areas; NPCs never render then a crash to "desktop"
  • ZOS_Bill
    As there are currently multiple threads discussing blue screen crashes after the latest update, we've decided to close this thread. These crashes are currently being investigated. You can continue discussion and find troubleshooting in the thread linked below.

    Blue screen PS4 EU after choice char
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