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Ps4 Eu - Looking for a Tank

Hi, I am looking for a strong tank on ps4 eu server. Who's wanting to tackle some 3in1 dungeon achievements and various other achievements, now and then.
Rest of the group is able and ready. (Very strong end game players)
Could also have an opportunity to join one of the top end raid guilds. For someone who is suitable and experienced.
Get in touch below
  • Stinkyremy
    I'm a tank main, Solid tank, though a bit rusty.
    I stopped playing the game in 2018 for lack of content, picked it up again near 2 months ago, I haven't done the last 12 dungeons on vet yet and only ran through them on normal for the quest/skill point.
    I have done all dunegons before that, HM/SR/ND except I still need no death on bloodroot forge.
    Not because of lack of skill but lack of people willing and able to do the content and achievements. For eg I still need the achievement of not being seen by the watchers in imp city..which you can do on normal, but getting others to just swallow invis pots and walk past them is a mission on it's own! lol
    I could do with more raid teams too as atm I am with a group doing VSS farms and TTT group but the raids are few and far inbetween so I have to pug.

    I'm a completionist so getting the achievements is part of what I do in the game.
    I'm more than willing to help get things done.
    Message me here or on PSN (username is same) for a chat.

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