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Bugged Cradle of Shadows

On Xbox Vet Cradle of Shadows the third boss ( the giant spider that pulls you in) is bugged. He doesn't pull you in before the explosion instead he explodes and it leaves you and your team mates stuck running in place. Even though most groups are able to kill him before this animation goes off but sometimes I ain't that lucky. And its annoying. So far this has happened to me twice.

  • alterfenixeb17_ESO
    There is a trick to avoid it which is for the whole time only tank stays in melee range of the boss. DPS and heal should stay as far as they can. Sadly tank will be stuck so it is imperative to just nuke it anyway - damage it as much as you can before tank is stuck.

    But agreed that this is annoying. Last time it took us like 5 attempts to figure this out.
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