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Xbox Controller Vibration ... not right.

Got a Series X and copied over ESO. Ran fine apart from controller vibration seemed off. So I assumed it was down to the game not being optimised yet for the Series X. But then ran ESO on my Xbox One X and the controller vibration is off there as well. Since last update I think. Vibration fine with other games. It kind of works, you feel it on farming a mineral node. Not much in combat, like it has been nerfed. Anybody else having this problem? I kind of rely on vibration for feedback and this thrown my whole game. See there is an update coming, but didn't find anything to do with controller vibration.
  • carlos424
    I can confirm that there are some issues with the xbox controller’s rumble/vibration since the Markarth patch dropped. The issue I have had is that it will intermittently get stuck and not turn off. Fortunately, it has not yet forced me to reset the game, as it usually resolves itself within a short period of time of normal game play.
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