[SUGGESTION] Houseguests should also come with a NPC/Special Collectable slot upgrade.

Similar to how the pack rat, and pack pig (sorry, I forget their proper names) each come with 5 additional, permanent inventory slots, it would be nice if each houseguest also came with an additional (1) Special Collectable slot (that could be used with any mount/NPC/non-combat pet).

I understand that the limits are in place for performance sake, but increasing slots with houseguest purchases will not "break the bank" so to speak, and secondly there are other ways the team can increase performance/reduce rendering to allow for the additional NCP slot.

Due to the recent bug with stillwaters retreat where invisible walls were added, so was the ability to walk through the walls. I accidentally walked through mine and I have seen the construction of the environment and there are quite a few unused assets there that get rendered. I mean there is an entire dwarven house structure that is not visible because of mountains being in the way, but still rendered. There is also an arch structure like the one we see in the reach rendered that is not visible from the property (again due to mountains/trees). If furnishing limits are put in place to ensure everyone gets good performance when visiting a house, then cleaning up some of these unused assets would also increase performance due to less rendering and even allow for an increase in furnishing slots.

Edited to add "special collectable" to the post.
Edited by Raideen on November 13, 2020 9:18PM
  • huntgod_ESO
    Houseguests should absolutely have their own slot and you should be able to populate ALL of them without having to remove things like mounts, banker, vendor and smuggler.

    I mean seriously, we are now in a position to have to remove one of those to fit the ALL the existing houseguests in, so I can't see myself or many folks continuing to buy them if they can't all be displayed and utilized.

    This is going to lose you money...at least it's going to lose you my money as I won't be purchasing them moving forward.
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