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Is Provisioning profitable

So i got interested in provisioning and using it to sell food/drinks in the guild trader. Any experienced players can share if it is profitable or is it it situation where everyone has it , so there is no point in focusing in that direction?
  • tmbrinks
    If you have some of the rare, widely used, recipes then you can make some profit.

    Recipes like Artaeum Fish Bowl sells to end-game players who use the food for their magicka characters. It's expensive to make, but can turn into a profit if you have a source of the materials.

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  • etchedpixels
    The most profit I have found is to get your provisioning skill (not level) somewhere mid range where the recipes get expensive and then do the southern elsweyr dragonguard quests enough to unlock the blind argonian in the sanctum. He will sell you all the green recipes at your skill level for under half what they go for at traders and you can just keep selling them on. I was happily buying ethereal hooch etc recipes for 800 or so and selling for 5000 until I got so much in game gold from this and other things I got bored of it and levelled my provisioning skill up to 6.

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  • ZomZom
    I haven’t done a complete analysis, but so far I’m finding it much better to sell mats than finished provisioning goods.
  • Zodiarkslayer
    Regardless of the above mentioned: Provsioing reward at cp160 is 601 gold per daily and you need only six different items.
    So the monthly gain is 18K gold per char and you need 5 items of each kind on average.

    If you skill into it, its definetly worth it!
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  • Nestor
    If you have the passives you can vendor some finished items for more than the ingredients sell for. Just make items that do not use in demand ingredients used for end game items.

    It used to be a chore to do this, but with multicraft it goes quick
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