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Housing guilds? PC / NA

Can someone please reccomend some active housing guilds? Thank you!
Edited by ZOS_Lunar on October 8, 2020 6:18PM
  • Khaleesi8688
    Housing finest builders or divine design alliance. I am in the first. Those are the only ones I know of.
  • deviousthevile
    DDA is a great housing guild as Khaleesi said, never had experience with HFB. The Hearthlight is one that I really enjoyed being in. Great people, fun contests, etc. Good luck finding one that fits your style!
    CP 1220
    Devious The Vile Lv 50 Stamblade
    The Elven Terror Lv 50 PvP Support Healplar
    Kintao Doombringer Lv 50 MagSorc
    Healz Ur Bum Lv 50 Healplar
    Toby the Fat Node Hunter Lv 50 Stamina DK (Farmer)
    Something Disgusting Lv 50 Stamden
    You Hit my Splodey Button Lv 50 Blazing Shield Templar Tank
    Kyo Kane Lv 50 Magblade
    Watch Me Burn Lv 50 MagDK
    R N Geesus Lv 50 Stamblade
    Rampage the Vile Lv 50 Stamblade
    Backslash Playdead Lv 50 Healcro
    Sallidadna of House Vile Lv 50 Stamcro
    Hand of the Night King Lv 50 Magcro
    Fróstβíté Lv 40 Ice Warden
    Bella av Cava Vile Lv 24 MagSorc
    Storc the Orc Stam Sorc Lv 50 StamSorc

  • CaffeinatedMayhem
    I honestly reccommend NOT being a housing guild on PC/NA. All of the ones I have been in have insane amounts of drama, and BS. Make stuff for yourself, post it to EHT community, and here or reddit. Don't bother with a guild, that's all just popularity contests and drama queens.

    I have been in both HFB and DDA, and don't reccommend either. If you want to know why, PM me. I've also been in several smaller housing guilds, which also had the same issues.
    Edited by CaffeinatedMayhem on October 8, 2020 6:21PM
  • hexnotic
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