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Blackwater UOD U50 Dueling Tournament

Soul Shriven
Blackwater University of Dueling U50 No-CP Dueling Tournament

It's time for another no-cp U50 dueling tournament, hosted by Blackwater's University of Dueling. With no entry fee and a grand prize of 1mil gold and growing, this is a great way to boast your way to champion. This isn't just for experienced players; come out and participate even if you don't feel the top of the pack. The last tournament brought out lots of participants and plenty of spectators. Come sign up in the Blackwater discord today!

October 17th, 2020
(6pm PT, October 18th at 11am AEST)

HammerDeath Arena

-Don't be a ***, aka no toxicity. PvP, especially duels, get heated so please remember to be respectful. This includes emotes- no tbagging, sweeping, kiss this, etc.
-No CP. This is a tourney for under 50 characters, do not slot your CP. You will have to screen share with us on Discord before your duel starts to confirm you do not have CP slotted. If you are found dueling with CP slotted, it is an instant disqualification.
-No changing gear or skills between fights.
-No immovability pots (including AP health pots), no lingering health pots, no major vitality pots, no invisibility pots, and no poisons of any kind.
-No Line of Sight (LoS)
-No World Buffs
-There will be an Ultimate dump before every single fight
-If there is no winner after 7 minutes, the judges will determine the winner based on the overall duel. The judges' decision is final.
-It is your responsibility as a dueler to read and understand the rules.

Let’s make this easy for everyone to understand. The only gear allowed is crafted, overland, or set gear you can get in Cyrodiil or Imperial City through AP, TelVar, or Key Frags. The following sets listed are banned as well:
Fasalla's Guile
Ward of Cyrodiil
Venomous Smite
Meridia's Blessed Armor
Sload's Semblance
Knight Slayer
Robes of the Hist
No invisibility for longer than 6 seconds (that's two Shadowy Disguises in a row)
No Soul Strike or any of its morphs
No Eclipse or any of its morphs
No Meditate or any of its morphs
No Undo or any of its morphs
No Magma Armor or any of its morphs
No Crystallized Shield or any of its morphs
No Protective Scale of any of its morphs
No Ball of Lightning
No Vampire or Werewolf Ult

Health Cap
There will be a health cap this time, as follows:
Between lvl1-15- max health no more than 34,999
Between lvl16-30- max health no more than 32,999
Between lvl31-45- max health no more than 30,999
Between lvl46-49- max health no more than 28,999

This health cap is after battle scaling is taken into effect. Please double check your health in no-CP Cyrodiil or in a duel prior to showing up to the event.

Outline of Event

Let’s cover how this will work on the day of the tournament. The tournament will take place at 9pm ET on October 17th, 2020 at HammerDeath Arena in Stormhaven. The easiest way to get there is to port to the Soul Shriven Wayshrine in Stormhaven and ride north. Start showing up ready to duel at 8:30pm ET. @Suivien or @SSmith will be grouping people to get official counts of all participants and make sure we are all in the same instance. Feel free to join the discord( voice chat and chill with your fellow contestants, judges, and spectators. The first duel will start at 9pm.
When it is your turn to duel, the judges will bring you in a separate voice channel. There you will screen share with the judges to confirm there are no champion points allotted. We’ll also double check your character page to make sure there are no world buffs. You can stop screen sharing after the checks, so no need to worry about any lag from that during the duel. Then you’ll do an ultimate dump on a judge. After that, you’ll be muted and the judges will leave you in the channel with your opponent. The judges will signal the duel can commence. Before every single duel, you will dump your ult. The best two out of three is the winner. In the instance of a draw (so when there is a stalemate after seven minutes), the judges will determine the winner. After your duels are complete, you will be brought back into the main voice channel.
We will be using the main arena. There are a few other side arenas so if you decide to duel while the main one is occurring, please use the side ones. At no point should anyone besides the duelers or judges be in the main arena during the event. Please be respectful of your fellow duelers and let’s all have a positive experience.
Grand Prize: 1 million gold
Second Place: 500k gold
Third Place: 250k gold
Honorary Acts of Glory: 100k gold
Prizes will increase! For every five participants that show up on dueling day, @SSmith will throw in another 100k gold. You can also increase the prize pool by donating. There is no entry fee involved in this tournament to encourage the community to come out and participate.
Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn’t this in Cyrodiil?
There are too many variables that cannot be controlled in Cyrodiil, on a dead or busy campaign. Emp buffs, enemy keep buffs, home keep buffs, scroll buffs, the list goes on. This is still a no-CP dueling event. Anyone caught using CP will be immediately disqualified.

Why under-lvl50 characters?
Because we enjoy them, back off.

You have so many things banned for an under-50 tournament, what the heck?
Too bad.

I want to complain about the rules. Where do I do that?
Join the discord( and complain in the text chat relating to the tournament. Keep it civil.

Can I donate to the prize pool?
Sure you can! Send a mail to @SSmith (or @Suivien if his mail is full). Write in the mail if you want your name to be mentioned in the “Helpful Souls” section in the Discord(

Is this a guild?
Yeah it is. BlackWater University of Dueling is a guild run by @SSmith that primarily operates in U50 Cyrodiil. This is the second dueling tournament hosted by BlackWater UoD. If you want to join, send a message to @SSmith.

How do I sign up?
You gotta sign up on the discord ( Join the BlackWater UOD’s Discord. Be sure to read through the channels associated with the tournament: #blackwater-uod-tournament-info and #event-rules. Please sign up in the #tournament-sign-up channel. Keep discussion about the tournament in the #tournament-chat channel.
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In Game Name: @Ssmith
  • Stinkyremy
    Appreciate the community camaraderie but not all of us want to use that discord crap.
    Good luck with the tourney.
    Edited by Stinkyremy on October 7, 2020 6:49AM
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