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Official Discussion Thread for "Save on DLCs, Assistants, and More"

  • karthrag_inak
    Zypheran wrote: »
    ZOS you've presided over so many disappointments lately that were outside of your control. Why oh why when you finally have an opportunity to turn the trend with an event that's completely in your control, you would choose a route that you must surely have known would lead to more dissapoinment?!
    I'm just mesmerized!

    out of their control? there's been nothing out of their control. its just a question of priorities and will.
  • Agalloch
    This year Black Fredas is nerfed !

    I miss last years BF ....
  • Agalloch
    kiksadi wrote: »
    Mega disappointed. The sale on the merchant and banker is way smaller than last year. Didn't bring back the Black Fredas horse from last year. No house sales? What about bringing back old costumes and stuff like you did last year? Why is this so disappointing compared to last year? Oh well... At least bring us the Grim Harlequin? I've been playing over a year now and haven't seen it on sale yet. Fingers crossed December brings better sales.

    This year BF is indeed a Big disappointment. This is the first BF so weak...and I play since beta. We had 75% discount on many items, crowns..etc. Too bad they nerfed also Black Fredas :(
  • nightstrike
    This is the official discussion thread for "Save on DLCs, Assistants, and More during the Crown Store Black Fredas Sale! " blog article.

    You can pick up a deal on in-game Assistants, Season of the Dragon dungeon DLCs, tokens, and a special Black Fredas bundle in our limited-time Crown Store sale.

    Can you put the collector's editions on sale, too?
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  • the_bri_man
    As others have said, this was extremely disappointing. I had planned on buying one of the notable homes and likely other stuff as well, had there actually been anything interesting on sale. At least I didn't make the mistake of buying my crowns ahead of time. So basically it feels like Zeni just told me I should spend my money elsewhere (instead of Elsweyr). Message received, loud and clear.
  • Zapix
    Yeah, this is so pathetic I canceled my ESO Plus membership. No point in crown banking if this is what they think a sale is. Nintendo did a better job than this and they don't do sales.
  • Rikkadir
    Assistant sale please.
    5000 crowns (£21.81) is just too expensive. ;)

  • Stinkyremy
    Rikkadir wrote: »
    Assistant sale please.
    5000 crowns (£21.81) is just too expensive. ;)


    Come on man this is some serious thread necroing.

    Still wait until this years sale
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