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Aussie PVE Guild- <Organised Chaos> - is recruiting

About Organised Chaos:
Thanks for taking the time to check out Organised Chaos!
Made up from returning ESO players and new players from other MMO games.
We are starting fresh with a new guild and progression group to lead back into Vet trials, while maintaining a relaxed, chill and fun atmosphere.

Whether you are a noob or seasoned player with an interest in Dungeons, Trials, PVP, crafting, or just looking for some fun, you are most welcome to join.
We are especially interested in those who wish to begin Trials and vDLC dungeons and are willing to help you get there if you require.
Be aware that for Trials Discord is a requirement. If you wish to join for social reasons we highly recommend you also get Discord, as a strong, healthy community will always be highly encouraged.

We are looking for any and all players that have an interest in Trials no matter your experience, our members will be happy to help you out, and get the gear you need in order to join in for trials.

We are in need of an Off Tank and more DPS to begin a Vet progression group, and would love to hear from you if you wish to take on one of those roles.
If you have you good attendance and show you are competent in vCraglorns and vDLC trials you may have a permanent spot.

Trial Requirements:
We will have different requirements for every raid but they will roughly be:

Normal Trials:
  • Discord for listening for mechanics (if you are a tank or healer you will also need a mic)
  • Minimum CP 160

Vet Craglorns:
  • Discord no exceptions
  • DPS minimum CP 300 and 17k health minimum and appropriate sets for trial groups

vMOL and beyond:
  • Discord
  • CP 300 minimum
  • 50k minimum on 21 mill dummy
  • Veteran Maelstrom Clear
  • Raid Notifier
  • Combat Metrics
  • Hodor reflexes

In case you haven't noticed we use Discord, and we encourage its use for content and socialising.

List of features available:
  • Dungeon and Trial channels
  • Trial information
  • Music
  • Daily pledges and ESO news

Guild Houses:
We have a guild house available with the following:
  • Training dummies
  • Crafting stations
  • Transmute Station
  • Outfitter
  • All Mundus Stones

How to join:
If you are an Aussie, or our timezone just works for you, feel free to send me a message in game(@Ash_117), find us in the Guild Finder, or post your @username here and I will send you an invite as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading :)
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  • Brenticus12

    I'd keen to join the prog group
  • Kinnahz
    Hey man, i have just moved from Xbox to PC - but im looking for an aussie guild.

    Plenty of trial experience on console, just need to grind up on pc. would love to join the guild so i finally can sink in the hours needed with some other Aussies on pc :)

    my @ name is KINNAHZ
    Xbox Gamertag: KINNAHZ
    vHRC HM, vAA HM, vSO HM, vMoL HM, vHoF HM, vAS+2, vCR+3, EoF, SoTN, Oax HM, Lyl & Tur HM vDSA, Unchained, Flawless, Spirit Slayer
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