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Official Discussion Thread for "Markarth, In-Game Events, & More Close Out a Year of Adventure"

This is the official discussion thread for the blog article "Markarth, In-Game Events, & More Close Out a Year of Adventure"

Check out the big news from the recent Dark Heart of Skyrim Year-End Preview and prepare for all-new adventures, events, and prizes!
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Staff Post
  • ChickenSucker
    None of these links work :(
  • Pandorii
    What is "Tamriel Together"? It was spoken about so quickly and not described at all.
  • Sirvaleen
    Someone has a working link ?
  • newtinmpls
    I have yet to come to one of these excited/intro threads and have the links work.

    Maybe it's just bad luck.

    I'll be back later maybe.
    Tenesi Faryon of Telvanni - Dunmer Sorceress who deliberately sought sacrifice into Cold Harbor to rescue her beloved.
    Hisa Ni Caemaire - Altmer Sorceress, member of the Order Draconis and Adept of the House of Dibella.
    Broken Branch Toothmaul - goblin (for my goblin characters, I use either orsimer or bosmer templates) Templar, member of the Order Draconis and persistently unskilled pickpocket
    Mol gro Durga - Orsimer Socerer/Battlemage who died the first time when the Nibenay Valley chapterhouse of the Order Draconis was destroyed, then went back to Cold Harbor to rescue his second/partner who was still captive. He overestimated his resistance to the hopelessness of Oblivion, about to give up, and looked up to see the golden glow of atherius surrounding a beautiful young woman who extended her hand to him and said "I can help you". He carried Fianna Kingsley out of Cold Harbor on his shoulder. He carried Alvard Stower under one arm. He also irritated the Prophet who had intended the portal for only Mol and Lyris.
    Order Draconis - well c'mon there has to be some explanation for all those dragon tattoos.
    House of Dibella - If you have ever seen or read "Memoirs of a Geisha" that's just the beginning...
    Nibenay Valley Chapterhouse - Where now stands only desolate ground and a dolmen there once was a thriving community supporting one of the major chapterhouses of the Order Draconis
  • Tandor
    This link doesn't work, and my bookmark for the website homepage takes me to a Homestead announcement.

    Nothing like issuing a teaser/tempter to interest players in something new and then providing a broken link to the full announcement!
  • Nairinhe
    Gina said there's some technical trouble with the website.

    As for the DLC I'm torn between my usual extreme excitement and unhealthy level of anxiety that something bad will happen to some of the characters I like.
  • casparian
    None of these links work :(

    Just like the game itself :s
    7-day PVP campaign regular 2016-2019, Flawless Conqueror. MagDK/stamplar/stamwarden/mageblade. Requiem, Legend, Knights of Daggerfall. Currently retired from the wars; waiting on performance improvements.
  • SerraKBella
    Undaunted Celebration (November 25-December 12) Is this really a 17 1/2 day celebration this year or was this a typo? The last two years it has been a 4 to 5 day event.
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