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Running water sounds muted?

I'm using EHT & today got a prompt about resetting my video settings to enable fx while in my house to which I said okay to, even though the one fx I use atm is just a 'pool' of water in a basin which has been working fine ever since I put it in:


My problem is now that I can barely hear - if at all - my 'Alinor Fountain - Timeworn' fountains when activated which isn't so much a problem with the three I have in my ensuite (toilet/basin/bath tap) but I also have one underneath my 'Moons-Blessed Ceremonial Pool' in my psijic villa grotto area (below) to suggest that water is flowing in & out from somewhere even if you can't see from where exactly.


I did a search & found this thread Noisy Furniture but couldn't figure out from it what I need to unmute sounds if that is what has actually happened?

*My ambience is at 86 & effects volume at 91 in the audio settings.
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  • daemondamian
    Rather than delete my original post or ask for it to be removed, I'm leaving it with my own reply here which is:

    I don't know what caused the muting of sound effects (occurred with braziers too) and I don't know if it's related to Essential Housing or not but it isn't constant.

    I'm not sure if it's related to when or how long I've longed in for or if I restarted the game or my pc or switched to another character but those sound effects sometimes are working while other times are muted.
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